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Golden Orb Silk

Within The Weeping Woods the changelings have begun to breed and cultivate Golden Orb Spiders and their webs. They have ranches dedicated to them, from afar, it looks as if the ground and walls are covered with snow, but it is just the sheer number of the webs they have. These spiders are calm and have no want to hurt the changelings as the changelings groom and care for the spiders.   The changelings care for the spiders, they pamper them to the point that the spiders are considered spoiled. They only feed the spiders fresh, fat meat; they groom and care for the spiders and don't overstep their boundaries. In return, the spiders allow the changelings to harvest their strong webs. The changelings then go on to weave that silk into fabric, using powders and insects to dye the fabric all sorts of colors.   The web makes soft, silky cloth which easily falls and curls. The fabric is commonly used by less wealthy changelings in the kingdom well the royal family often uses the elder golden orb spider's web. The older spiders are especially cared for and have grown to be massive (the size of a small dog) They have more practice in producing web and have softer, yet stronger web


Physical Characteristics

The web itself looks like it will break when you touch it, but it is strong, like multiple strands of hair grouped together, yet it is soft in bundles.


The material is indeed flammable, but being used mostly in the moist environment of Acrylicarion, it is unlikely that it will spontaneously com-bust near an open flame

Geology & Geography

The material is found in The Weeping Woods. It can be found naturally in the woods, but can also be found in the glass containing units in the golden orb farms

Origin & Source

Golden Orb Spiders

Life & Expiration

The material itself is strong and can last for thousands of years if cared for properly. And even though it has a silky, soft texture, it is not easily broken, torn (ect)

History & Usage


It was first found to be a good idea for clothing when the settlers first landed in The Weeping Woods. They thought the best way to get the web without being poisoned by the spiders was to care for them until the spiders allowed them to take the web instead of killing them (Due to superstition)

Everyday use

It is used for cloth and clothing

Industrial Use

It is weaved to make material. (Like wool or cotton or silk ect)


You must be careful not to be bitten by the spider for it' venom is deadly

Enviromental Impact

After over harvesting the golden shroom, the changelings have learned to grow and cultivate their own materials. They breed the Golden Orb Spiders and harvest their web as to not upset the natural balance of life in the forest again


Trade & Market

It is a very commonly exported material to Maalta and Breace

The natural color is white, but it can be dyed relatively easily
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