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The Singularity

WARNING! This Article Is All Behind-the-Scenes Deep Lore


The Singularity is an infinitely-vast voidspace that harbours The Eternal One's throne within a metaphysical palace surrounded by an everychanging planescape.

Localized Phenomena

True to its name, the Singularity is a place where space, time, and matter co-exist with inconsistent state of being or relation. One day the palace may appear as a medieval castle in the centre of a volcano frozen in time during an eruption, only to be replaced by a single palm tree on a small island surrounded by an acidic hurricane that can only be reached by rowing a small vessel as hard as one dares in an attempt to flee the storm the next.   Surrounding the singularity is an event horizon akin to those of both a black hole and a white hole. The Singularity is only enter-able during the 'night' wherein it appears as Olutanri's Black Moon.
Alternative Name(s)
The White Sun, The Black Moon, World Seed, Yggdrasaed, The Void

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