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First Varonian War

The First Varonian War, also known as the Ojjeirin War, was a conflict fought from 5 Anta-Eimarae to 24 Wota-Eimarae, 24976 AYM, featuring the Matousai and the city of Ojjeirin versus the Varonian Trade Coalition, made of the cities of Vairdim, Calladou, Laumohud, and Gaudumn. This was the first major conflict in Varonith.


The Matousai, who were a raiding clan, occupied several cities in the southern half of Varonith, most prominently Taihind, Monmot, and Ferant. From 25008 to 24976 AYM they frequently raided Ojjeirin, due to the city's proximity as well as her monopoly on rocks. In 3 Anta-Eimarae, 24976 AYM, in order to maintain the city's integrity Uliurem, the king of Ojjeirin, signed the Pact of Ojjeirin with Oskio, the leader of the Matousai, which reduced the city's trade solely to the Matousai. The other cities, who were reliant on Ojjeirin's monopoly, formed the Varonian Trade Coalition against Ojjeirin and the Matousai.


The First Varonian War began when the Coalition threatened war unless the Pact was abolished. The Matousai, eager to expand their territory, refused their demands and subsequently occupied and surrounded Ojjeirin with a 3,000 strong force led by Giarcha, while a secondary force, 2,000 strong, was stationed at Ferant. Uliurem himself raised up an army of 1,000, giving Ojjeirin a 4,000 strong army. The Coalition themself, spearheaded by Athporod, the king of Vairdim, raised a 5,000 strong force from all 4 cities,

First Battle of Ojjeirin

Immediately following the Matousai's rejection, Athporod began to plan for a forced takeover of Ojjeirin, and on 7 Anta-Eimarae set off with his army, believing that the Matousai would leave the city relatively unguarded. However, his force was ambushed by Giarcha, and he retreated back from Ojjeirin. He lost 1,300 men, while Giarcha lost 770. Halfway between Ojjeirin and Vairdim he constructed the military base of Imohaus, which would act as a waystation for the Coalition troops. However, the troops would also funnel through en masse, a vulnerability that Giarcha seeked to exploit.

First Battle of Imohaus

Giarcha hoped to catch Imohaus at a point of max capacity, so that the sheer amount of casualties would crumble Coalition morale. However, the base was only recently completed, and was mostly deserted as Athporod had returned to Vairdim to recuperate and gain reinforcements. By attacking the base Giarcha believed he could coerce Athporod to return, thus setting the stage for a sweeping invasion. Therefore in 10 Anta-Eimarae he launched an assault on the base, pillaging any supplies, damaging the structures and killing some 50 Ibrovinids in the base at that time. However, contrary to his expectations, Athporod instead abandoned the base, a move scorned by many within the coalition, including the Calladian king Aulifune, who led a small force of 1,500 to rebuild the base.

Second Battle of Imohaus

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