Snow Wraith

Be careful. There are ghosts on the snow. Great beasts that will drag you into the dark and cold.
  The snow wraith is a large quadrupedal animal native to the islands of Last Light. Although the wild population of snow wraiths is extinct, captive and domesticated snow wraiths are used as transportation animals to reach villages and mines on the interior of the islands.

Basic Information


The snow wraith has a long slender body with a bushy tail and a dog-like face. The average snow wraith stands around five feet tall at the shoulder and is about 15 feet long from snout to the tip of the tail.
  The snow wraith has a variety of adaptations for its northern, frozen environment. Wide paw pads allow for easy walking across the thick snow and have fur on the undersides to increase grip on steep and unstable surfaces. The fur on the undersides of the paws also help prevent heat loss. The snow wraith's ears are small and rounded to help minimize heat loss. The long tail is very thick due to fat storage as well as being thickly covered with fur, which allows the snow wraith to cover their noses and faces when sleeping. The snow wraith's coat is a double coat. The undercoat has an oily and woolly texture and can be up to three inches thick. The outer guard coat is coarse and stands off the body: it is longer at the withers and shorter along the sides.
  The snow wraith is a heavy creature. While wild snow wraiths were more slender, domesticated snow wraiths are bred for power and endurance, leading to a compact and strong with substance, bone, and snowshoe feet.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Snow wraiths are predominately frugivores, though they will eat small amounts of meat, especially fish along the shores of Last Light. Their stomachs are capable of resisting the poisons of the star peppers, and they scavenge along the shore for dead fish.

Additional Information


Snow wraiths are rare in the wild. The original settlers of Last Light's islands hunted snow wraiths for their pelts and to prevent predation of livestock, though there was little evidence of it. The snow wraiths were extirpated from the southernmost islands of Last Light by 34 AF, and the last population of snow wraiths were recorded on the small island of Petersburg.
  The population of snow wraiths began to recover as humans began to domesticate them. Early settlers on Petersburg began using snow wraiths to transport supplies over the snowfields, particularly between the port and the Ember mines. Generations of breeding led to the rising population of first tamed and then domesticated snow wraiths, and the species continued on despite the extinction of the last wild population.
  Wild snow wraiths were known for their pure white coats. Domestication led to the creation of

Facial characteristics

Snow wraiths have a very dog-like face. The eyes of the snow wraith are almond-shaped with darker shades of brown being common. The muzzle is deep and broad, tapering slightly from the skull to the nose.
Conservation Status
Extinct in the wild
Average Height
4.25-6.0 feet tall at the shoulder


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