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Olam Olam of the New Realms

1083 PDM

Created by

This world is new in its existence. recorded history only goes back about 6,000 years. Around a thousand years ago, a dangerous ritual was performed which shattered the second moon creating the red, green, and blue rings that now surround the planet in an x pattern. There are three large land masses that have been discovered and occupied by the people of the world. Mitzraim, Armith, and The Conflux are all occupied by different people groups from many different races. Mitzraim is very hot and desert like with a large mountain that has a major river running the length of the landmass. Armith is a large island with several independent city states and has many types of environments from deserts to rainforests. The Conflux is a massive continent with several large empires and confederacies occupying it. it is called the Conflux because its environments should not make any logical sense from one country to the next. The single moon Ab-Mu becomes full for 3 days out of every 30. The red rings are visible during the day, the blue rings are visible at night, while the green rings are visible at dawn and dusk. During a solar or lunar eclipse, all three kinds of rings can be seen.