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The Blighted Circle

Describe a cult in your world. How did they form and what do they believe in?   The blighted circle will set this world right, this world was dying and it shall die again. We will use any means that we can to bring about this. We have been setting things in motion to drag down what the others built. We will breed any creature, alter any natural life, and corrupt any tool that we can reach.
ravings of a madman
The blighted circle is a hidden order of druids. They spread death and decay, as an expression of the natural progression of the cycle of life. They start out as members of other circles of druids such as the circle of the wilds, or shepherds. They have been working to undo the great deed that restored Orgranys to being a living world. They believe that the world being brought from the brink was a corruption of the natural order.


The circle contains twelve seats, which lead twelve circles of twelve druids. Those lower in the order are contacted by the seats as needed.


The largest focus of the blighted circle is that might, makes right, and that nature should be allowed to take its course.

Public Agenda

There is no public agenda, the blighted circle is a secret group that has stayed in hiding trying to unmake the miraculous act that saved the world.


Dozens of cells of agents that seek out wealth and tools to do their work.

Mythology & Lore

When the first life was formed and grew strong, it established a precedent that strength is worth nothing unless it is your own. If you need outside help, you are unworthy. This has been passed down from the earliest of days. The establishment of society has attempted to abolish this law.

Tenets of Faith

Might make's right. Those who cannot help themselves are unworthy of help.

Granted Divine Powers

The power to destroy the weak, is inherent to those who follow this path. Those who help others can be punished through the powers as well.


The organization of the groups tends to be tied to the number twelve. Twelve men to a cell, twelve cells to a sitter, twelve sitters to a council member, and 12 council members to the Archdriud who leads.

Alll things die.

Founding Date
A time before time was recorded.
Religious, Cult
Alternative Names
Blighters, Despoilers, The Tainted.
Parent Organization

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