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Jake Biggs

Leftenant J.G. jacob Wilfhan Biggs, Sr (a.k.a. Jake) (Him)

" I was checking some of the buildings when we were ambushed. I remember seeing the arm torn for Valkerie and taking a shot at the small target that had done that. Then I was struck from the side and before I could react I was torn from the cockpit and I was knocked unconscious. I woke at one point but it was so dark that I couldn't tell what was happening. I was in the medical bed in the bases hospital by the time that I woke again. What happened out there?"
Jake Biggs debriefing
Jake Biggs grew up in the slums of First Forge. He earned a scholarship and entered college to learn mechanical engineering. He Joined the tecknights as a power-armored infantryman. He became a combat engineer shortly after joining, claiming an increase in his pay grade. He was in the ninety-seventh Power Armor squad as the squad's combat engineer. He served in the Power Armor infantry for seven years. He joined the three hundred and fifth tecknight squadron after leaving the Infantry core. He served with distinction and assisted as an onboard mechanic for the knights.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

jake is a tall, imposing figure. He is swift and dexterous.

Body Features

Heavily muscled, and has several scars on his body that are hidden by his clothing. His right shoulder shows signs that it has been previously broken.

Facial Features

A scar on his chin from where his helmet was struck hard enough to force it to cleave into his face. It is jagged and interferes with his beard's growth.

Special abilities

Abnormal ability to increase muscles mass and power through training.

Apparel & Accessories

Tends to wear fatigues even though they are not required by the Knights of Steel. Wears ID tags, made from a bit of the adamantine salvaged from the golem, that is enchanted to remain with the largest portion of his body.

Specialized Equipment

His personal pistol, a customized HC-41 pistol, that fires fifty caliber short rounds, with an explosive tip. His adamantine ID tags. A plasma knife. A personal Shield generator.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Exceptional grades earned in High School, allowing for a scholarship. He studied to be a mechanical engineer and scored in the top three percent of his graduating class. His term in the Tecknight infantry core was a string of successes that if he had wanted could have had him leading a squad. He decided he did not want to lead. He fought in a large number of engagements, keeping his squad safe frequently. When he mustered out, he reenlisted in the Mech core and purchased his tecknight on a partial loan. The Tecknight that he purchased was serial number Tk-CC888. He named the tecknight Eights. He paid off the loan with an incredible haul of salvage in the form of a slain giant adamantine golem. The golem was running wild. He salvaged a great deal of the metal. He currently serves with the three hundred and fifth.

Gender Identity

Male, He, Him.


Straight hetero


Bachelors of mechanical engineering, with electrical engineering as a minor.


Tecknights have been his only employment.

Personality Characteristics


He loves to learn and share knowledge.  He fights because he has the ability and that keeps someone less capable away from the fight.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Excellent in a fight or in a learning environment, but terrible at keeping it simple. Fidgets if he can't stay active.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Learning, working with his hands, machines, and Exercise. Dislikes: Lazing about, Fighting, and Cooking.

Virtues & Personality perks

Practices what he preaches, and will always step up when needed.

Vices & Personality flaws

A stickler for the letter of the law. Will rarely allow someone a second chance without incredible circumstances.

Personality Quirks

Fidgets when not expending energy rather mental or physical.


Current Status
alive in coma
Current Location
Date of Birth
Circumstances of Birth
First Forge
Current Residence
Belithir Military Medical Facility
Red, Short, oiled and combed back
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Character Prototype
A mix of the warrior and sage.

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