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Dugal Ironclad

Dugal Muluear Ironclad (he him)

Jarnbjorn was smashed through with the first strike. I never saw the attack coming. We were checking out a small town to find any traces of the vehicle that we were seeking. My cockpit was torn open and I was flung from the cockpit, and pinned by what looked like a young woman. She was so strong that I could not move her. Valkyrie and Eights were destroyed with similar ease. I was chained and forced to carry Jake and Elindan, they forced us through a portal of some kind. They took us to prison and tossed Jake and me into separate cells. I don't know what they did to Elindan but she was severely shaken.
Dugal Ironclad debriefing
An old dark-skinned dwarf with an attitude, with a tecknight named Jarnbjorn. Dugal has been in the tecknight core for long enough that no one questions him when he gives a suggestion, even if he is massively outranked. He has acted as an advisor to young officers learning the ropes. He is patient, and rarely holds grudges. He has served in various military units for over one hundred years.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Stocky and stout, with a potbelly and arms thicker than most men's thighs. Is sure-footed as any who has even run in the dark.

Body Features

A burn scar is burrowed into the left shoulder. A piece of a molten stone flung and burned through from below the collarbone out the back.

Facial Features

A hawkish nose with a strong brow and a smiling mouth that is always quirked up as though amused.

Identifying Characteristics

Orange Hair and beard both with intricate braids and silver and gold beads and ties.

Physical quirks

Left shoulder has full mobility, but hitches as the arm is rotated because a section of the muscle was destroyed.

Special abilities

Tunnel runner training.

Apparel & Accessories

Black jumpsuit with heavy trauma plates to defend against strikes. Gold and silver beads twinned into his hair and beard. A heavy signet ring with his personal rune and his clan knife.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born to the Ironfang clan in Dun Oluhm Dugal was considered an odd lad. He was patient beyond even the most strenuous of norms for dwarves. He was slow to anger and slow to act. When he did anything it was purposeful and complete. The one grudge that was even known to have been held by him, was so thoroughly acted upon, with such care in its execution that no one could figure out who had done the deed. When he achieved his majority he joined the Hold militia. He served a ten-year term as a militiaman, working as a tunnel runner, and later a sapper. He eventually transferred to a mechanized unit and decided that this was the job he preferred. He has spent years working for several military units and has acquired an immense multiplicity of experience. When he joined the Knights of Steel, he brought a breadth of experience that was used to train both tecknights and power armor teams. After a few years, he decided he wanted to get field time. He joined the three hundred and fifth around twenty years ago. He has served with the unit on and off, taking short stents to teach classes about various things he had experienced.

Gender Identity

Male, presents as such.




Many years of military experience.

Intellectual Characteristics

A learns by doing and doing carefully.

Morality & Philosophy

Will always seek to hold his calm. Will always cling to what he considers right in the world, and will uphold the law as long as it does not diverge from what he believes in.


Will not shave except for grieving.
Current Status
Current Location
Date of Birth
Dun Oluhm
Current Residence
The Sleepy Nymph
violet and heavy browed
long, orange and braided
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
ashen grey
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Character Prototype
Gimli son of Gloin.

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