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Athillia System

The Athillia system has some really interesting phenomena that I have rarely seen the like. How often can you see a temporal abnormality that is so obvious? How often do you see such a strange orbital plane or a system this evolved with two separate astroid belts? It is fascinating and I cannot wait to see what is inside the bubble.
Horace of the starfinders 
This solar system contains Ogranys and Aytera. It has fourteen planets with numerous moons and two solar asteroid belts. There is a temporal phenomenon that surrounds the inner three planets in the system. Of the fourteen planets, four of the planets and thirteen of the moons are capable of supporting carbon-based life with minimal environmental modification. Currently, only two planets and three of the moons have any permanent colonial activity on them. One colony in incommunicado due to being trapped under the time dilation bubble with Aytera. The two asteroid belts are between the fourth and fifth planet and the eleventh and twelfth. The only gas giant in the system is the ninth planet and it is an oddity in the system as it orbits Thania at an oblique angle. It orbits at a forty-three-degree angle to the rest of the solar system and is likely a captured stellar body.

Localized Phenomena

A massive temporal phenomenon has been placed around the inner solar system. It is accompanied by a seemingly impenetrable barrier that has caused the destruction of a few ships that have attempted to cross it. There have been some gravitational anomalies in the outer reaches of the solar system. These have been discovered to be micro-wormholes. The cause of their appearances is unknown.


There has been a discovery of a tiny sentient insectoid species on the eleventh planet. This species seems to have hidden subterraneanly. Some theorize that the methane atmosphere was the reason why they were not noted before as the world is of limited use to the common life here. Contact with the species might be attempted in the near future.


Some tourism in the form of investigative science teams and arcane researchers have been coming to the system, it is considered off the grid so to speak because of how far from anywhere of note Thania is.
Solar System
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