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Nameless Cults

I wandered amongst the horrible stone villages on the icy desert plateau of Leng, which no timid folk visit and whose fires are seen at night from afar, and I spake to a merchant there.

- The Dreamer's Quest, Chapter VII

Document Structure

Publication Status

Neither edition is currently in print.

Historical Details


The book is a translation of a 19th century German text, titled Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten. The first edition of the English translation was produced by Bridewall in London in 1845. An expurgated edition was produced by Golden Goblin Press in 1909.

Public Reaction

Bridewall's edition was produced almost exclusively for shock value, and it did not disappoint. Church of England officials immediately launched into a crusade to have it removed from bookshop shelves, though such a public condemnation immediately spiked demand for the text, as happens in these matters.

The Golden Goblin version did not sell as well, but was also beset with various printing disasters that left the run limited.

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