The Blood Queen

(a.k.a. Empires' Bane; Lady of Flesh and Stone; Princess of Earth; Cthonic Empress)

The Blood Queen is an ancient horror whose name is said only in hushed whispers by wizened scholars and in reverent chants by her debased followers. She is an Old God, a Forgotten God, and of that strange kindred it is she who is the most twisted from her ancient form. Among the few who know of her, she is known primarilly as the strange god of the nGiru, and the bane of the mGya rKhar people. Whole empires have been brought low to feed her endless hunger, and while now she sleeps, she does not rest easily. The Empress of the Earth's influence is felt all across the Zhangpa plateau, and even deep into the underdark, where her minions continue to feed her what victims they can gather.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The Blood Queen was once Melech Elohahi, arguably the most powerful of the Old Gods, and god of the dwarves in the World That Was Not. He was the earth itself, and all things that sprang from it were his as well. However, while this intimate connection with the earth made him powerful, it was also his downfall. The earth of that world was itself his heart, and so when the world ended, his heart was not just broken, but shattered, split into thousands of pieces. According to legend, this is the origin of the Forgotten Worlds, but such a statement is heavily disputed by many planar scholars and theologians. Amongst the least of these fragments was the Blood Queen.
The Blood Queen lost every domain but the basest of her progenitor's aspects; the primordial earth itself. No longer intrinsically bound to this extension of herself, and missing so many other pieces of who she was, she became consumed with a terrible hunger, a desire to consume as much as she could to fill the gaping holes in her Heart, now just a sliver, easily mistaken for a shaving.
Divine Classification
Old God
Current Location


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