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Charlie Sparrow

Dr Charlette Sparrow (a.k.a. Charlie)

Charlie Sparrow is a main character in Oblivion 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6   Backstory   Charlie Sparrow was born in Riveruster as the middle child in a moderately well off family, from an early age she had shown a genius level intellect which was able to get her into the top schools without any tuition. However it wasn't until the death of her younger brother, Ed. That she decided to move away from Riveruster and travel to Metropololis, where she quickly found employment, working as a junior scientist at Wolfrick Co. But, because of an 'Old Boys' mentality at the company she wasn't able to rise through the ranks, however she did became a personal favourite of Derrick Jacobs, who would try to advance her ideas as often as possible as well as stand up for her when she clashed with the higher ups.   Charlie is twenty-four years old when Dmitri arrives at the manor.   Main Story.   Oblivion I:   Charlie is first scene working for Wolfrick Co as a scientist under the watchful eye of Derrick Jacobs when two men arrive at the lab and take Derrick away. Initially thinking nothing of this, Charlie returns home for the night. But when she returns the following day Derrick has vanished.   A few days go by and with no sign of the elderly man, Alan takes a personal interest in the matter and questions Charlie about her boss' whereabouts. With the head of Wolfrick Co inviting the young scientist to his house to discuss the matter further, but more importantly away from prying eyes. Back at the manor, the pair continue to discuss the disappearance when they are interrupted by a knock at the door, and when answered it revealed the dead body of Derrick Jacobs, with a warning nailed into the back of his head. Seeing this Charlie rushed into the kitchen and threw up.   The following week, after the city watch had arrived to pick up the body of Derrick and start their investigation into his murder. Alan introduces Dmitri Jones to Charlie and instructs the two to work together. They do not see eye to eye, with Dmitri insulting Derrick which angers Charlie. But the scientist agrees to help and equips Dmitri for his first mission against Lord Boris, although she privately doubts the captain's ability to complete the job.   Whilst Alan goes to confront Lord Boris, Charlie accompanies Dmitri on his second mission to the office of The Mayor, and although shocked by Dmitri's brutality, she proves herself an able partner in the mission by breaking into Mayor Osmunds desk after Dmitri failed to do so. Despite this, the mission is a failure and Dmitri and Charlie are forced to flee into the slums of The Imperial City in order to escape the authorities. Things go downhill quickly as when a stranger makes an advance on the young scientist, Charlie takes matters into her own hands and murders the stranger in retaliation. This action forces the pair to keep hidden until Vernon picks them up and brings them back to the manor.   The pair find upon their arrival back at the manor that Alan's mission had gone further south than theirs had. Charlie is able to fix him up however, although it has the effect of grounding Alan until he recovers. In order to protect Charlie, Alan keeps her off the next couple of missions as to give her a low profile.   Charlie is present when Codsworth informs the group about The Iron Company taking service with Lord Boris, and insists that the commander warn Docksmouth, the capital of her homeland, about this development, which Codsworth agrees to do. Both Charlie and Dmitri are called into the cave by Alan straight afterwards where he informs them about their next assignment. To rob The Imperial Museum and steal the life gem in order to help them defeat The Ravens and The Shadow both.   As Charlie helps prepare Dmitri for what he is likely to face, an opportunity arrises to get the gemstone without risking either of their lives. This culminates in Alan spending a small fortune to outbid Geoffrey Randell at an auction to raise funds for the war. The victory is short lived however, as an earthquake in the east distracts the group and causes panic in The Imperial City. It presents another opportunity for the group, but due to Dmitri being an undesirable and Alan still recovering from his injuries, Charlie is forced to join the expedition into the eastern wilderness along with Deryn and two dozen others whilst under the command of Captain Arnold Buckley. it is on this mission that Charlie befriends Jamerson.   Out in the wilderness. Charlie's logic are shattered about what lies beyond the mountains, as they are attacked by a pack of Auger and discover the bones of what look to be a dragon. The group makes it through the dangers of the east however, and arrive at their destination. A collection of small ruins that house Igradust, a wizard who is in self imposed isolation in order to hide the wind gem. Igradust becomes angry when it is revealed that Arnold is in fact Rhazien Thornheart, the leader of the ravens. As the two powerful sorcerers begin to do battle, Igradust forces Charlie, Deryn and the others out of his home in order to protect them.   Charlie however, disobeys this and heads back into the smoke filled ruins and distracts Rhazien for long enough so that Igradust can wound his enemy. The wizard then warns Charlie to leave, giving her his gem for safe keeping and returning to the battle against a now enraged Rhazien. As Charlie leaves the ruins, the survivors are picked up by Alan and Dmitri, who Deryn had contacted before Charlie entered the ruins.   Returning to The Imperial City. The Mayor makes a big show of their return, even though their was nobody else around. But the joy vanish as Osmund sees Dmitri and becomes angry, with The Mayor and Alan making a deal to smooth things over.   After storming the office of Geoffrey Randell, after finding out that he had been responsible for what happened to Derrick and the sale of the weapons to the enemy. Charlie discovers a false wall in his office containing a computer and a desk that was locked shut. not until later would they discover that it contained nothing more than coded messages to parties unknown. After this, both Dmitri and Charlie agree to take up permanent residence at the manor.     Oblivion II:   Charlie continues to help Dmitri and Alan with their search against the mysterious organisation that kidnapped Dmitri as a child, she later discovers a link between the clothes that the kidnappers and the locket that Dmitri had, with both having the same symbol on them. When the group open the locket it reveals a map of a particular section of The Imperial City with a marking on it, although none know where the marking is located now.   After discovering the location on the map, Dmitri returns angry that he did nothing other than scout the abandoned warehouse. Although Charlie sides with Alan about not just charging in without more information, a fact that does not go down well with Dmitri who storms off. When asked, Charlie confides that she doesn't know what the captain will do next.   When Patrick McDonald is taken prisoner by Dmitri after failing to kidnap young Dave. Charlie sees to the knapper's injuries. Once certain that the man can talk, Dmitri begins to interrogate Patrick and finds out about the warehouse. However, it turns out that Patrick had lied in order to lure Dmitri into a trap, so Charlie, and unbeknownst to her Jack. Charlie states that he and his younger brother need to be electronically tagged for their own safety when he is discovered, a fact that the teen proves her wrong on when he unlocks the computer locks on the doors. Whilst the rescue mission succeeds. Dmitri's mission was a failure, as he failed to save those who were being held in the warehouse, all but one of whom had been slaughtered. With the three returning to the manor mentally scarred over what they had witnessed, with Mia, the only survivor agreeing to come with them.   Charlie accompanies Dmitri, along with about sixty others on an assault against the main stronghold of The Answer. But whilst they had killed many members of the secret organisation. The leader, a man that had identified himself as Lord Griefful, was not amongst the slain, with frustration, the group leave. Things don't improve when they return to find that Dave had killed Patrick and their one last link to The Answer.   Realising that there was nothing more they could do at the moment, the group turn their attention to the war in the south, and after Codsworth asks for their help; Dmitri, Charlie, Jamerson, along with Jack, Dave and Mia. All agree to join the war. With Charlie being dropped in alongside Dmitri, Jack and Brydon. Charlie along with Dmitri are charged with getting to the communications point and disabling it. When the mission goes south, Charlie escapes with Jack, just before the gates closed and trapped most of the strike force inside to be slaughtered. Now on the run, Charlie and Jack manage to survive The Iron Company, who patrolled, cutting down stragglers as they attempted to flee, eventually arriving back at the camp with the intel that jack had been tasked in getting in hand, this being the only part of the mission that succeeded.   During the attack on the manor, Charlie joins in the defence of the manor, helping to drive the attackers back after they break through the doors. After Vernon is wounded Charlie instructs Dmitri to take the old butler to the medical lab and keep him there until she could get back. After helping in driving back the attackers, she along with Codsworth keeps guard over the prisoners that had been taken. However, when Jack notices one of the captives raising his weapon against Alan, he calls out and Charlie forces the attackers aim off, saving Alan's life, but the weapon was still fired and the bullet instead ends up hitting Jack in the right eye, destroying his eye instantly.   Charlie rushes over and accompanies Alan in taking his unconscious son to the medical lab, where she attempts to keep the teen alive until a surgeon can be dispatched from The Imperial City. When one arrives and Jack is stabilised but still in a coma. Charlie informs Alan of the damage both to Vernon and Jack, whilst also trying taking the blame for what happened. As well as this, she also advisors Alan to remove the dead attackers from his walls, which Alan had ordered strung up to ease his own concision, stating that the sight was not good for either Nick or Martin, as well as for Alan himself.   After Jack wakes up, Charlie is surprised to discover that the teen has no memory of her. But she doesn't take it personally. Instead she continues to help Jack recover, by testing his abilities for the next few weeks, and sending word to the mountain fortress of Normanguard for help in discovering what exactly was happening to him. At this time Charlie also convinces Alan to tell Jack what happened to his mother, after Jack's also failed to remember her death.   When Dave was brought back to manor after his fight with a member of The Answer, Charlie stitches his cheek back up, whilst Dmitri goes off to further scout the area of the attack. Later Jack's memories begin to return, although he still doesn't fully recognise Charlie, but feels comfortable in talking to her about his visits from Xyla with Charlie and Vernon. When Charlie tries to force one of these visions using hypnosis however, it backfires and the equipment she was using to monitor the procedure all shatter. She later tells both Alan and Dmitri about this, with Dmitri thinking that Jack was insane.   When Codsworth and Dmitri go to war in the west, Charlie remains behind. Which proves useful as jack has another vision, and his memories fully return. He warns Charlie about the ravens leaving The Unknown Lands, a collection of islands far to the east. As well as the main threat that was coming for all of them.     Oblivion III:   After the attack on Wolfrick manor, Charlie is kept busy with Vernon lasting injuries as well as trying to keep Jack of the pain medication. Although she does help Vernon with Jack's fifteenth birthday present, by modifying the car so that it can be driven with one eye.   When Alan begins to hear the voices of the dead, Charlie agrees to help focus the voices by performing a dangerous experiment that is successful. This however have unforeseen consequences as Alan leaves and plunges the manor into chaos.   With Vernon and Dave butting heads over the latter helping Alan to escape, Charlie becomes a reluctant middleman in the argument. After Dave leaves on a scouting mission with Nick unbeknownst to the old butler. Charlie tries to convince Vernon to lay off Dave, and Vernon agrees too. The conversation moves onto their respective pasts, which causes much distress to Charlie as she explains what happened to her younger brother. She was interrupted however, by Martin when he hurtled himself into the room and told the pair about the attack on the road. Charlie rushes off and armours up, and goes out along with Martin to find Dave and Nick. The pair do eventually find Dave unconscious on the road. With Charlie carrying the twelve-year-old back to the manor.   With the strange mist blocking their communications, Charlie becomes ever more doubtful about their position, fortunately Jack is able to figure out a solution to the problem with Charlie cursing herself for not figuring it out.   As the situation becomes worse and worse. Charlie takes Jack's place to face the board of Wolfrick Co. With this action culminating in her dismissing them for cowardice. On her way out, she returns to her old station where she collects what little possessions she had there, including a picture of her with her brother at an awards ceremony, before meeting with Jimmy and Deryn and telling them to meet her at the manor. Things go further downhill however, as when Charlie is in the process of leaving the building, she inadvertently starts a riot that quickly leads to rebellion, when she calls for the employees of Wolfrick Co to take what belongs to them. This act is punished swiftly as The Mayor formally declares Charlie, along with half the city undesirables and a civl war begins as battle lines are drawn, with most of the slums and business district joins the rebellion along with a few legions of the army. Whilst Charlie does make it out before The Mayor lays siege to large portions of his own city, it was a close run thing. Due to their repaired communications, Charlie was able to warn Codsworth about the rebellion and the commander was angry, but ultimately agreed to join, although he was unable to provide information on Dmitri's whereabouts when asked, as the captain had left the group.   When Jack went into his final vision, he was able to get Charlie to monitor it. But when she placed monitors on him to watch out for the teen. Jack's vision caused all of them to read zero. When he came out of the vision, Charlie was surprised that he was still alive as all of his vitals had gone for the hour or so that he was under. Although they were distracted when they got news of Nick from the vision. With Vernon stating that Charlie needed to set up the equipment again for the returned Nick.   As Vernon interviews Nick about his prolonged absent. Charlie witnessed the confused Nick talk about blood magic, although neither her or Vernon are sure as to who performed the kidnapping. Afterwards Charlie clears Nick to leave the medical bay, but under orders not to leave the manor as well as to keep pressure of his injured hand.   Six months later, Charlie is reunited with Jimmy and Deryn who escaped the siege lines that The Mayor had set up to stop the rebellion. And feeling guilty she allows them to remain at the manor, although she is less happy when Blane, one of the people she had dismissed during her alteration with the board also arrived. When Codsworth and Dmitri return as well, Dmitri claims that he has a bone to pick with Charlie over starting the rebellion and outlawing them all.   When The IronEye arrives at the manor and is taken prisoner, Charlie advocates strongly for the mercenary's death, claiming that he deserved it for the burning of her homeland. Codsworth however, refuses claiming that they might have need of him.   As the group gather to make their plans, Alan returns from his long mission in the north and presents the water gem to Charlie, advising her to start practicing with it as he may need her to use it. When pressed, he states his plan to break the mountains behind the manor in order to make dawn come a little bit earlier. In response Charlie states that would most likely kill him, which Alan agrees with but plans to do it anyway.   During the battle against the zombies, Charlie does not take part in much of the fighting, although she does accompany Codsworth, Dmitri and Echo as they relieve the forces in the trenches, although only Barca and a couple of his own soldiers have survived the first attack. A the remaining forces retreat to the manor, Alan activates his plan and manages to break away the mountains forcing daylight to fill the battlefield and halting the zombies moments before they reach the manor.   When The Shadow causes the manor to go up in flames, Charlie along with Blane agree to go in and check for survivors. They find Jimmy who looked half dead and covered in soot, although he is unsure as to the situation of the others. When the three continue up the stairs, part of the ceiling collapses in and Blane saves both Charlie and Jimmy from the falling debris, although at the cost of his own life. The two scientist eventually find the four Wolfrick brothers, but are unable to save Deryn who falls to his death.   After Alan dies at the hands of The Shadow, and the battle is won thanks to Xyla intervention, Charlie takes charge of the situation and orders everyone back inside the manor, so they can regroup and to plan their next moves.     Oblivion IV:   In the immediate aftermath of The Shadow's attack, Charlie continues to take charge, instructing everyone that they need to leave for their own safety. When asked where by both Barca and Martin it is decided that they would head to Normanguard via the still war torn Bartazar. But they are halted in their planning when Jack angrily states that they aren't going anywhere until they bury Alan. With both Charlie and Codsworth telling the teen that the time for those kinds of rituals had passed, and Charlie further hammering the point home that if they stay to bury Alan, his younger brothers will almost certainly die as well. As the group gather supplies, Charlie and Dmitri collect the remaining three gems in their possession and head to the jet and along with the others head west.   When the group land in Bartazar, Charlie along with the other are forced to flee the plane due to both the movement of a nearby hoard, and the presence of a huge bear, later revealed to be Brutus. After spending the night in his house they are grudgingly allowed to stay by the wear-bear. During this time, the group are joined by Bruce, and Charlie's niece Abi, with the pair having a discussion about their differences. Abi accusing Charlie of abandoning her and the rest of the family after Edward's death. With Charlie trying to make her niece understand, the two then agree to put their quarrels aside. As the group continue to plan, Brutus informs them that they have to leave the following day, as three of The Ravens have been spotted crossing the boarder into Bartazar.   Whilst the group are on the snow mountains, Dmitri is attacked by a mountain wolf, causing his leg to be severely mauled. As Codsworth shoots the wolf off, Charlie examines the injury and immediately concludes that it isn't good news. She then orders Barca to remain behind with her and Dmitri as to stand guard while she tried to operate, and then sent the rest of the group on ahead. Later that night, whilst Codsworth stands guard, Charlie and Barca arrive hauling Dmitri between them, minus one Dmitri's legs. Due to this fact, the group have to come up with a new plan as they can no longer hope to reach the mountain by winter. It is then decided that they would seek shelter in the nearest northern town to wait out the winter there before continuing north in the spring. Taking longer than anticipated, the group eventually make it across the snow mountains and reach the northern town of Bergskort.   Charlie, along with Codsworth Dmitri and Vernon meet with the governor, Forrest McCoy, who agrees to allow the group to remain in his town over the winter so long as the pull their weight whilst there. This is agreed upon and the group go and set up in the house that had been provided for them. Later on Dmitri confronts Charlie over his injury as whilst out in the town square, he had spat up blood, Charlie advises him that this was natural but to come and tell her if it happened again, it is during this meeting that Dmitri raises the issue about Nick and Martin being trained for battle, and Charlie agrees to look into it. After being interviewed by the two north-men sent by McCoy, both Charlie and Jimmy are assigned to the town's small lab.   As the group settle into their new home, Charlie doesn't fail to notice how Jack has fallen for a northern girl called Erika. The scientist also witnessed the teen's new look, but unlike Vernon, doesn't loose her temper over it hearing Jack's reason for it. After Jack spends the night with Erika, Charlie says she is happy for him, as well as stating that she will understand if Jack decides to remain in the town after the group leave in the spring.   After Abi and Barca bring in a corpse they found on patrol, both Charlie and Jimmy along with an elderly woman called Gurta examine the body and discover that the blood inside is a weird grey colour. When McCoy arrives and demands that the corpse is removed, which they do eventually do, but not before withdrawing a lot of the strange blood so that they can continue examining the corpse, afterwards, both Barca and Charlie agree not to tell anyone about what they had found, a decision that both would later come to regret.   As spring finally arrives, Dmitri informs Charlie that he was once again coughing up blood, in greater quantities than before. After which Charlie informs him that he has contracted Lupusvenenum Morsibus when he had been savaged by the mountain wolf. It is then revealed that Charlie knew about this from the beginning, but both Barca and Codsworth had advised her not to tell him so that he could continue as if all was well. When Dmitri asked about what was next, Charlie informs him that he has at most a few months to live.   When Dmitri leaves the house intending to enjoy his last few months alive, Charlie and Vernon discuss their plans, and debate over who will continue northwards, and who would remain behind. The old butler wanted to leave as soon as possible, whilst Charlie counselled to remain a little longer. She also thought that Jack would almost certainly want to remain, and she had a feeling so would Abi and Bruce, who she had observed becoming more at home in the town. With this information, Charlie advised Vernon that whilst she would leave the town when the time came, she was certain that the decision would split the group, which Vernon agreed with grudgingly. After Jack, Dave and Barca bring Dmitri back from the local inn where he had almost drunk himself to death, she confirms that the captain was still alive, and along with Jimmy, notices that Jack seemed a lot happier about something, but doesn't have a chance to ask, as the teen leaves the house to head back to Erika.   A few weeks later, Brutus causes an incident at the inn when he goes to defend Erika against a group of thugs that tried to assault her. Although a noble effort, Charlie quickly realises that they have to leave the town. She takes up watching the door whilst codsworth goes to try and smooth things over with McCoy. When the agreement is reached that all but one are to leave the town by the following day. Jack nominates himself and several members try to persuade him not to. But Charlie is not one of them, having suspected the lad's intentions for some time now.   Now out on the road, the terrain becomes more and more difficult for the group, in particular for Dmitri and Vernon, which forces the group to take an extended route to ease their less mobile group members.   When the group are on the road, Charlie is one of the first to hear the approaching hoard, and then takes part in the battle against the zombies. They continue to do battle with the hoard well into the afternoon, but eventually come out victories. But the victory is short lived however, as the group quickly realise that Martin, who had been ordered to hide in the nearby forest by Codsworth had not returned. After Codsworth, Dave and Barca return empty handed apart from Martin's gun, and a small amount of bluish liquid, Vernon proceeds to attack the commander, only stopping as Charlie held him back. Immediately after this, the group are met by Doraghek Kazburn, and whilst the dwarf is initially suspicious of their presence, he agrees to take them with him after he sees Dave and Nick. This becomes apparent when the group arrive in a nearby town that had been attack with several children unaccounted for.   During their time with Doraghek and his company, the two groups become friendly with one another, with Doraghek and a couple of his group joining Codsworth, Dave and Charlie on another mission to try and locate Martin. Charlie having wanted to visit the site to examine it more throughly, although she gets no more out of it than Barca had before her. Charlie would later spend the evening trying to force conversation between Codsworth and Vernon, whose relationship had completely frozen over.   On the groups journey from the destroyed town to the mountain. Doraghek warns them of the open hostility towards outsiders, confirming Charlie's suspicions about leaving Bergskort. After arriving in the mountain fortress, Charlie along with the rest of the group meet King Fierhand for the first time, and are shocked to learn that the old king has made a deal with the enemy in order to protect his kingdom in exchange for turning away all outsiders. This appeared to be the case for the group, but Nick steps forward and calls Fierhand out on this fact. Which strangely works as Fierhand allows them to stay at his home at the risk of war with The Shadow.   During the oath ceremony all the group are made north-men by official decree, whilst all still keep their cultures, Doraghek admits to Charlie and Codsworth that it was nothing more than a technicality to please Fierhand's advisors. Whilst several of the group continue to hunt for any sign of Martin or the other missing children, Charlie remains behind at the mountain examining the strange blue liquid, but has about as much success as the hunters, as she quickly discovers that the substance doesn't match anything on record.   Later on, Charlie is helped by her niece Abi, when she suggests trying to match what little substance they had left against the zombie blood, and whilst it wasn't a one hundred percent match, it was so much higher than anything else that Charlie curses herself for not thinking of it sooner. This news was contrasted however, by the news from Doraghek that Fierhand was ordering a halt to the searches as there had been no luck for so long. This news sparks one of the biggest rows between Codsworth and Vernon, with each accusing the other of failure. It culminates with Vernon stating that Codsworth was responsible for everything that had gone wrong with the Wolfrick brothers. This accusation is taken by everyone, including Charlie as going too far.   During all of this, Dmitri's condition had been worsening, and after this latest row, decides to head out on his own, and whilst Charlie did nothing to stop this, she regretted that decision until her dying day. As when Dmitri did return, he was dead, having been carried back to mountain on his horse. Charlie grieves for her friend, before going to Herfouck, the lead scientist amongst the dwarf to ask that Dmitri's disease not be put on the record. Which is agreed upon, and Charlie along with the others in the group, attend Dmitri's funeral in The Hall of Heroes.     Oblivion V:   With Martin still missing, Charlie continues her efforts to find out more about the strange blue substance, although with only a fraction of the amount remaining, there was little that she could do.   After Nick is refused to be allowed to go out and look for his brother, Charlie agrees to train the kid in accordance with Dmitri's wishes that the two youngest Wolfrick brother's to be trained to fight. During one of these training sessions, the pair encounter Brutus again, who gives the pair an update about children being used as spies for the enemy, before he reaffirms his commitment to keep his ears open for any news of Martin.   Later on that evening, Vernon collapses due to complications around the old wound he had suffered whilst defending to the manor. Charlie gets the run down from Herfouck that Vernon had contracted Black Numen and that the old butler had about a fifty-fifty chance of living through the operation.   The group of hunters, arrive back at the mountain to find Vernon weakened but alive. They had also brought with them Alexander, a member of the organisation that kidnapped Martin. However, for Charlie it was the additional quantities of the blueish substance that intrigued her more. But she now that she had more of the stuff, she could begin breaking it down to find out what exactly it was, and what she found horrified her. As the substance was a manufactured drug, that rendered the target completely immobile for about an hour. This intel was enough for the group to get a pretty good idea about what had happened to Martin. This was later confirmed by Alexander who had agreed to talk in exchange for being let out of the Normanguard mines.   Charlie takes part in the raid on Broken Mountain Institute to rescue the poor souls that were locked up there. But stays in the medical chopper during the fighting as Codsworth needed someone who knew what they were doing around medicine, this proved almost prophetic as Dave carries Martin, who was on the verge of death back to the chopper, and Charlie's quick skills were able to keep the boy alive on the return journey. Not only that, but both Jimmy and Erilatir had also been wounded, the dwarf not so much, but Jimmy had suffered a gunshot wound to the shoulder and was in almost as bad a condition as Martin. Due to these facts, the medical chopper has to make a more direct route back to the mountain, and so they cross the snow mountains as the crow flies, something that pushes the vehicle to its limits, but eventually they make it safely back to the mountain.   Before Charlie goes to the medical lab, Olly, Russell and Jeanie advise her to keep Martin under until the procedure is done, as the sight of strange and unknown medical staff will likely cause him to panic. Charlie agrees to this and heads of to the medical lab, arriving just as Herfouck begins to heal Martin things go well until the boy's vitals come back and his blood and body temperature are seriously down as caused by the drug that was still in his system. Which leaves the dwarven medics only one choice, to attempt a difficult procedure. Charlie, along with Vernon witness the procedure which involves draining most of Martin's blood and heating it back up to it's natural temperature before the blood is recycled back in.   A few hours later the procedure is declared a success by Herfouck and Charlie, along with Vernon, Dave, Nick, Olly, Russell and Jeanie are present when Martin is finally brought around. As the Wolfrick family reunite with each other, Fierhand, having heard of the mission's success also pays a visit. And the topic of potential enemy activity is brought up. And Charlie is present when Martin informs them that Eugene is still alive, which shocks everyone present, as all had assumed that the man had dies when The Shadow had taken over The Imperial City.   During the next few days, Charlie performs several tests on Martin in order to try and figure out exactly what happened to him during his time at the prison, but after a week she is unable to find any reason to keep Martin in the medical lab, and signs him off. Although the boy doesn't leave the lab for another month afterward, fearful to leave the safety of its walls.   Later on, Charlie attends Martin's oath ceremony along with Vernon and the two muse about changing times as well as talk to Doraghek, who had sent scouts to the southern mountain passes, after having received news of black riders crossing the snow mountains. Although they had been unable to find the beasts. After Edger Woods is brought to the mountain by Codsworth, Charlie takes some of the lad's blood to compare it to Martin's. This is however delayed after the new arrival causes Martin to go into a fit and Charlie scolds Codsworth for not thinking ahead.   The following morning, when Martin tells the group about the vision he had had the previous night, Charlie initially thinks it is most likely PTSD, given the trauma that Martin had experienced. But this idea was shot down by Martin himself after he tells the group that he had seen his mother in this vision. Charlie doubts if it possible, although she isn't dismissive of the whole idea, having witnessed something similar with Jack. After this, Codsworth instructs that Martin is to join Nick for basic training.   During these sessions, Charlie and Vernon keep a watchful eye over the two youngest Wolfrick brothers. But they are unable to stop an attack from a mountain wolf, only being saved when a stranger shoots the beast dead. The stranger is revealed to be Jack, Charlie was pleased to see Jack again and hugged him, although she could tell that something was wrong. She choose not to say anything however, as Jack has a reunion with his brothers. At dinner that evening, Jack continues to hold his cards close to his chest, even more so when his sleeve slips and reveals a wristband with a green gem.   When Jack kills Forrest McCoy and returns to the mountain with the others, Charlie has a talk with him about his change in character, whilst jack tries to deny this, Charlie states that she has known him for a long time, and knows that he is hiding something. Although before Jack can tell her, Codsworth arrives and tells both of them to follow him. Where they find Eugene Fitzfurgel standing outside the doors of the mountains wanting to talk.   After Jack finds out about how Martin was the one to tell the enemy off his location, Charlie tries to wait. Which everyone, including Charlie quickly realise was a bad idea, as Jack becomes enraged at the idea, and then spills the reason why he had to leave Bergskort. Later on, Charlie is present when Martin tells them off his latest vision, and Jack's desire to take his youngest brother to get answers at The Sanctuary of Aevilok, although in private she disagrees with this decision like the rest of the group.   When Martin tries to force himself into Eugene's mind, Charlie is called in after the boy's heart stopped, and is then present when Martin informs them of the meeting between Eugene and the Shadow, as well as Jack's tale of what happened to him after the group left Bergskort. Charlie is also present when they inform Fierhand of their findings, and argues with the king over Martin going back into Eugene's head so quickly, fearing that the boy would be harmed if he went back in too soon after Eugene had sensed him, this culminates in Fierhand compromising and giving Martin a few days rest. Despite this Martin was keen to try again, and so when no one was watching him, he goes back into Eugene's mind, with the net result being that Charlie, along with Vernon, Dave and Nick found him writhing and screaming in his bed after Eugene tricks him. After which Charlie decides to personally watch over Martin whenever he tries to enter their enemies mind in the future.   Despite this latest failure, Vernon and Charlie decide to try and force Martin's way into Eugene's mind, by using a similar device that had allowed Alan to hear visions a few years prior. Although once again things go wrong as Igradust intervenes, keeping the hatch locked and forcing Martin to remain in his comatose state for too long. This only stops when Doraghek smashes the tank glass to pieces with his axe. Theorising that something magical had kept the tank sealed, Charlie goes to Martin later that night and asks to take a sample of the boy's blood, and refuses his request for something that would help him have a dreamless sleep as she didn't know what effect it would have on the war effort.   During the following days, Charlie examines Martin's blood, and finds out that he has gained untapped power, theorising that Eugene never managed to finish his work on Martin whilst he was a prisoner of the psychopath and put the limitations that he had done on his other spies. Although whilst talking to Vernon, Codsworth and Doraghek about this, she fears about the dangers that it could pose to him. And the four decide to keep a close watch on Martin for his own safety. They are then distracted when Martin's blood shows them that the boy is entering Eugene's mind once more, and they halt their discussion to try and prevent this.     Oblivion VI:     Family Tree:  



Whilst Charlie does her best to hide it, she in-fact tends to stutter badly, especially when she is confronted about her past.
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
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2635 AS 29 Years old
Biological Sex
Long red hair
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