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Lightbringer Revelations, i.796 a.1

Lightbringer Revelations is a print based news source for the citizens of Chronwhorl. It is a weekly news printing with public updates from each of the spires, regarding all things new and exciting on Oabos. Lightbringer Revelations issue 796 was a particularly notable issue, as the front cover displayed an image of one of the terrifying dragons outside the city slain and cast to the ground. The first article of this issue is an article from the Battle Spire describing the mission to test the new airship developed by the Academia Spire.

First Airship Test a Success! Dragon Slain!

The new airship developed by the Academia spire is deemed a full success. The ship that the Academia Spire has been developing for the last few years was finally launched for it's first test flight two weeks ago, and is now working its way back. The airship was delayed in its return due to damages to the hull and balloon. Such and amazing success did not come without some cost.

The airship has been grounded just outside one of the southernmost villages for the past week and repairs are nearly done. Some of the local villagers even helped to stich up smaller holes in the balloon. Once the last of the repairs are complete, the airship will be coming home. Five Holy Warriors fell during the battle, and will be returning home to their loved ones with the airship. No one who left on the test flight is being left behind.

The airship engaged the dragon soon after crossing over the village they are now grounded near. Reports say the monster was in the air above the plains, with low winds making it hard for the beast to maneuver. Our Holy Warriors of the Battle Tower jumped to action, and took full advantage of the weakness. After only an hour the beast had been slain. While the hull damages were taken during battle, it was the dying action of this sky monster that took our airship down. As it fell, the beast lashed out with sharp claws and ripped long tears in the balloon keeping the airship aloft. A controlled fall took the airship safely to the ground on the outskirts of the village without further casualties.

It was only after landing that our commanders learned that the village was nearly deserted, with dead livestock rotting in their pens. It would seem the dragon had already lain waste to much of the area , but now the village has been avenged! Join the spires in welcoming our heroes home soon, and rejoice in the knowledge that the monsters in the dark can be defeated!

— Lightbringer Revelations, Issue 796 Article 1

Cover image: by Kydra_Hunter using MidjourneyAI


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