Element of Synsri

Soon after the element of the ground began to manifest as living stone, the element of synsri started showing life of its own. Synsri is the air itself and all of the motion that can be found within it. While the air has always moved and flowed, this element became apparent much faster than Flowing due to its temperamental and playful nature. It was easy to see when storm winds would pick up objects to play with rather than staying with the rest of the storm, or when small gusts of air would blow perpetually on a noisy object despite it being an otherwise calm day.   While Synsri was seen manifesting life very early on, it took much longer to settle and be properly understood. The current theory on why it took so long for this element to settle is due to the distance between the wind and storms and to core of Oabos. Since Synsri fills our skies, it is naturally the most removed from the denser Oas emanating from the core of the world.  
The humans seem to have a good understanding of Synsri, but just refer to the element as Air. Air is seen as the most versatile element, but they also seem to view it as a lesser element in battle unless used at a very large scale. Humans do not appear to understand the true nature of the element and what Synsri Elementine are capable of.
— Soul Scribe lecture to young Elementine Warriors
  Synsri has some overlap in how it presents with Flowing. Both elements embody freedom despite what the world may it in the way. Where Flowing will slowly wear down the obsticle, Synsri will simply go around it and move on. While there can be violent storms and angry motion, for the most part Synsri is light and curious. This lightness can be seen as both an inquisitive nature or flighty distraction. Regardless of how it is viewed, Synsri is unbound.

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