Brannen, 2nd Somnis, 2156

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An ancient realm of fallen stars, of primeval forests deep and dark, which bind the very bones of the earth in their tangled roots. It is a realm of civilizations rising, bright and new, from the ashes and stones of the lost, of magical beasts which stalk the shadows, of stories, songs, and tales.   From the shining towers of Namech to the twisted bazaars of Hazrucet, from the shimmering waters and golden sands of Kem Alek to the terrifying depths of Fathomsfall, Nimrii is a world of wonder and horror, and of legends yet unforged.

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Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Whose right is it to bear the crown, to rule the land and it's people, and whose to weild the power that springs from it's very stones?

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