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The Caring One, The Air Goddess (a.k.a. The Motherbird)

Mother of All Birds, Akna is the patron goddess of the elven race. All elven tribes and lineages trace their ascendence from her, who is also the mother of all type of avian creatures in the world. Akna is represented as a mother bird (often an eagle, but sometimes she is represented under the shape of another bird) who always care for their nest and hatchlings. Her followers act like her: fierce against any who puts in danger her family and nest, but caring with those who are important for her heart. Her totem animal is the eagle, and her favored weapon is the tomahawk (throwing axe).

Divine Domains

Nature Domain and Life Domain   Akna spheres of power are the air as an element, and the love as a feeling. For shamans and priests, love is the air that fills the lungs of the soul, and it blows from the powerful wings of the Motherbird. It doesn't matter if it is passional love, fraternal love, paternal love... all kinds of love blow from Akna's wings. Something quite paradoxical, considering the hate that elves show for other races.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A great bird (usually an eagle) with her wings spread, forming something quite similar to a heart

Tenets of Faith

THOU SHALT NOT DENY THY HELP TO THOSE THAT ACCOMPANY YOU   It could be hard to understand that how a goddess so caring can be the patron goddess of a race so cruel as elves are but, aside from raid and pillage, elves always show care for their clans and families. In the same way, all Akna's followers consider the people who are near them as their family, and they take care of them just the same way as they should do it with their relatives.   Commandment rules: characters who worship Akna will always attend all petititons of help from their party companions, it doesn't matter the type of help: lending equipment, helping in joint actions or using healing magic or skills. Denying help will be considered a violation of the Commadment and the character will risk become Tainted.


The Marriage's Festivity   This festivity is celebrated in the Naacal Empire the first day in the month of Koos, the month of the Eagle. On this day, married people and lovers make gifts to each other. This festivity came from elven tribes, but they celebrate it in a different way: in the elven version gifts are given between family members. That's why it is known as the Family Festival between elves and half-elves

Divine Classification
Neutral Good, Goddess of the Air

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