Numidius Battle of Eastwatch

Battle of Eastwatch

Military action


Following the Gnomengrade Incident, the Kingdom of Dam Lodir mobilized an entire division into the Navaran Eastern Frontier. The 6,000 dwarves decimated both the forces of Aderian Royal Army and those of Osternfel that still remained in the foothills of the Northern Amadels and Taldir's Gate.   While securing the foothills, a single demolition battalion was sent along with a few members of the Col'bhen Cint'nias towards Eastwatch Garrison, where they met with fierce resistance. The battle lasted 5 days and ended when the entire east wing of the fort, along with its command caenter and main barracks were blown up in the first documented use of dwarven explosives in Lake Kadia.   After the garrison was taken, the Kai of Dam Lodir sent an envoys to the Sovereign of Ader the Taldirian Townmasters and leaders and prominent members of the Andorian Church and summoned them to a peace summit in his capital. Non of the invited dignitaries dared refusing the invitation, and mediation took nearly a full year.

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