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Guide to Magic

On our server our players have access to AoC and EEWA Magic.
  • Below the FAQ sections, you will find guides on how each of the different magics types work.
  • FAQ for the NUGaming Class System:

    We have created the NUGaming Class System to help with leveling and to make learning the different magics easier. It combines the AoC magic system and the EEWA trait systems with the vanilla conan atributes system, in order to allow our players the ability to get the most out of their character and playstyle.

    Do I need to pick a class to learn magic?

  • No, but it is highly encouraged that you do pick a class, especially if you are wanting to learn magic as we have tailored the class questlines to make learning magic easier.
  • FAQ for AoC Magic:

    What do I need to know about the AoC Magic system?

  • The magic system in Age of Calamitous is relatively complex, and will require effort to achieve mastery over the forms of magic. It is possible to start learning magic at level 1, though the requirement to traverse across the exiled lands in search of their resources may prove a challenge.
  • There are 2 components needed to cast a spell:
  • a weapon component,
  • and a spell component.
  • You can think of the weapon as a bow, and the spell as an arrow. Without either of them, you will not be able to cast any spells.
  • The first step to take to learn any magic in AoC is to obtain a feat named 'The Ancient Arts'. Without it, you cannot learn any magic. This also teaches you the Essence Blast spell, which is a cheap low level spell that can be used in any magic weapon, including starting faction staves.
  • What are the different AoC magic types?

  • There are a total of 7 types of magic:
  • AoC Fire Magic, Attunements and Spells
  • AoC Water Magic, Attunements and Spells
  • AoC Earth Magic, Attunements and Spells
  • AoC Air Magic, Attunements and Spells
  • AoC Arcane Magic, Attunements and Spells
  • AoC Blood Magic, Attunements and Spells
  • AoC Light Magic, Attunements and Spells
  • How can I learn magic?

  • Everyone can learn magic now regardless of your AoC faction, you just need to talk to the grandmaster of your faction. Stormhold and Vanghoul faction members have to venture into the world to find their grandmasters. The rest can be found in their faction hubs. The interactive map shows their location.
  • Each type of magic has 5 levels of mastery.
  • In order to learn a new type of magic, you need an attunement feat.
  • In order to increase the level of your magic, you need a tome of ascension.
  • Fire, Water, Earth and Air magic require Nature Tomes
  • Arcane magic requires Mystic Tomes
  • Blood magic requires Demonic Tomes
  • Light Magic requires Divine Tomes
  • Can I learn Magic V directly, assuming I have the requirements?

  • No, you will need to progress level by level.
  • However, if you prepare all the requirements from level 1 to level 5, you can go to the shrine and use it 5 times in a row and get to magic 5 in one trip.
  • What happens if I use the shrines without the attunement?

  • You will incure DoT (damage over time) and will most likely die.
  • What affects the damage of AoC Magic?

  • The damage of your spells are influenced by your Accuracy attribute.
  • Outside of that, your weapon and spell damage, along with the armor penetration will also affect your magic damage.
  • What affects the healing power of AoC Magic?

  • The healing spells are not affected by your weapon damage and Accuracy.
  • If you are using the heal on yourself, Vitality will increase the healing effect.
  • Why do my magic weapons have durability now?

  • All magic weapons are given durability to provide support for weapon mods. It is repaired as you would with any other weapons.
  • Why do my magic attacks not cost any stamina? Is this a bug?

  • The stamina cost for both light and heavy attacks using magic weapon has been changed. The stamina consumption now scales with your magic weapon tier, and thus if you have a lot of Grit, low level weapons will not cost stamina.
  • Can I give my thralls magic weapons and spells?

  • Yes, any fighting thralls will be able to use the magic weapons, regardless of their class or tier.
  • Note that their ranged modifer and accuracy will also affect their damage dealt.
  • Which thrall do I put into the magic altars?

  • All the magic altars in AoC require the Keeper thall, which reduces the crafting cost and time for the spells.
  • Keeper thralls are found just like any other faction thralls, within their faction camps.
  • Different scources are claiming the spells/magus/boss is located at a different place. Which one is accurate?

  • AoC is a mod that is constantly getting updates, and many features get reworked over time. Make sure the source you are referring to is not outdated. As for this guide, the version is always listed in the intro tab.
  • Are there any hidden or exclusive spells?

  • In AoC, there are a lot of spells that are not learnt by picking a feat when you level up. Instead, they are hidden in AoC lorestones scattered throughout the map. You may want to use the WorldAnvil map linked below to see where the lorestones are hidden. Note that in the WorldAnvil map, you can mouse over to the top right corner and tick on the AoC magic type checkbox, and the spells will be revealed.
  • Aside from these hidden spells, there are also spells exclusive to certain factions or subfactions. The spells exclusive to factions are listed in the corresponding spell tabs.
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