A cold land full of valuable metal and strange plants. How people came to live here is unknown but the people who live here today have a strict code of honor and are guided by an elder chief who is picked amongst the other chiefs by a competition that the spirit of the mountain chooses at the clans meet.


The ever shifting islands of Kaldistead were mysterious even before the Discidium. Swirling clouds that surround it prevent flight from being able to reach it though natural creatures such as birds seem to be unaffected by it, and the constantly shifting islands prevent ships from easily navigating the labyrinth waterways. As such it has remained free from foreign intervention. What is known however is the Owariyaru first settlers originally came from that landmass and that though some tribes in Kaldistead are raiders, many trade with the local populations giving them access to coldsteel and other rare metals. When scholars managed to enter the island they discovered that the tribes have a central counsel where each head of each tribe has a seat and one member of the lead tribe is the leader. The leader is chosen through a closely guarded secret trial located at the top of the mountain hidden from those the clouds deem unworthy. Every tribe sends one member to participate in the trial yet only one member ever returns.
Geopolitical, Country


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