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ASF Headquarters

Located in the Aetherius Orbital Colony, the this building serves as the base of operations for the ASF (Alliance Security Forces), the police force of the Alliance. It's here where the ASF live, train, and conduct their anti-crime operations on Aetherius (and, occasionally, the rest of Alliance space).

Purpose / Function

The ASF Headquarters was built to serve as the centre of operations for the ASF, coordinating their many operations across Aetherius. It's also where ASF officers live and train, with a number of facilities dedicated to their health and wellness, comfort, and keeping their skills sharp.


As the ASF continued to grow, alterations were made to the headquarters in order to accommodate the needs of the various races that have enlisted. This has included changes to the sizes of bunks and lockers, accessibility, and sensory effects in the simulations, amongst other changes. This commitment to improving accessibility for members of the Alliance Races has helped foster a strong spirit of cooperation among the ASF.


The ASF Headquarters has a sleek, utilitarian appearance to it, very much function over form. The interior of the building is divided into different facilities:   Main Lobby: Located at the entrance to the building, this is the first part of the headquarters visitors will see. It's here that visitors can report possible illegal activities, among other things.   Barracks: This is where ASF officers spend most of their time while off duty. This section contains the dormitories, mess hall, and break room.   Armoury: This is where the ASF stores their equipment when not in use. This section also contains the training facility, which offers both physical training and virtual simulation training for a variety of scenarios.   Command Centre: This is where the ASF directs its anti-crime operations across Aetherius. This is where one can find the briefing room, forensics labs, and the comm centre.
Police/Fire station


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