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Novagate was named after the project of the same name. The project was to create a jumpgate of suitable power and efficiency that would allow humans to colonize beyond the Sol system. Made of three Corporation, The Mars Design and Fabrication (MDF) made the warships, weaponry and land vehicles, and now is the military branch of NovaGate, Titan Cybernetics (TC) Created Cybersuits and personal augmentation for their infantry, and The Hive Genetics and Integrated Intelligents (HGI) made the weapon AIs and genetically engineered soldier.

Public Agenda

To colonize all of Nova-Praxis in the name of people of NovaGate Though peace or force if they must


Planets: Nova-Prime, Nova-Meridian   Military: 5.5mill Troops 500,000 Warships


Started as conglomerate working on the Novagate project. after the Sol Conflict they join to form NovaGate

Demography and Population

Humans 3.3 billion   Valcorens 300,000   Nisck 25,000


Nova-Prime, Nova-Meridian


Technological Level

citizens have space age tech and the military has the NovaGate and singularity

Foreign Relations

centrol command for The Mars Design and Fabrication, Titan Cybernetics, The Hive Genetics and Integrated Intelligents

Agriculture & Industry

The MDF has massive industrial regions on mars

Trade & Transport

The "Sol Nova" Novagate between the Sol and Nova-Praxis systems


all citizens have free accesses to education, the average education is higher education because of it being free so why not


Starbases guarding planets and a Novagate to give them access to the sol system

We Guard The Gate To The Future

Founding Date
Corporation, Conglomerate
Alternative Names
Head of Government
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Command/Planned economy
Major Exports
Onboard AIs and Assistant AIs (Implants with AI)
Major Imports
Raw minerals
Legislative Body
A representative from the three corporations
Judicial Body
A representative from the three corporations
Related Ranks & Titles
Organization Vehicles

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Pre Gate

... 2032

Time before activating the Novagate

Post Gate

2032 and beyond

Time after activating the Novagate

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