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Nova-Praxis a solar system consisting of 5 rocky planets and 4 gas giants. All 5 rocky planets are habitable by life and two of them have been by NovaGate a powerful group from Sol the home of the humans. NovaGate is a group that believes that to modify the human body is the next step of human evolution. A hot arid planet named Atton Controlled by the protective militant Valcoren Empire that mostly consists Valcorens a large reptilian race . A cool forest planet named Tiberius Controlled by the peace loving Nisck Commune consisting of the Nisck a half man half buffalo race and anyone that wants to live with them and lose themselves in there way of life. A warm rain forest planet named Antorea controlled by the industrious hive mind of the Myren Collective that consists solely of the Myrens a race of bipedal ants. NovaGate wants to bring peace to all of the Nova-Praxis system under their rule but unbeknownst to them, the foul Plutarchian Syndicate have plans to make man into the Far Ones and help them rule over all of Nova-Praxis and further