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Nov Matar


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Matar simply means matter: all that holds material form. It is the realm or universe of the physical plane. It is the realm of the living as separate from Silar, the spiritual plane, realm of the eternal, and Umbar, the realm of darkness, the void.   Nov Matar is the known world. Well, known to those who live in it. Nov Matar is colloquially used as the name of a large continent about the size of Europe, Asia and northern Africa.   It is a land of great magic, provided by The Veil, a magical field around Nov Matar which is produced by the relationships of the Pillars of Heaven. The Archenlord himself, creator of Matar, founded these eight pillars at the eight corners of Nov Matar, to defend The Kindred Peoples from The Fallen.   But not all is well in the land. While the Fallen - those primal beings that dwell outside the Veil – are wholly cut off from Nov Matar, their mortal servants, the betrayers of the Kindred, are not. Therefore it is given to mortals, the children of the Archenlord, who have his spirit and likeness, to defend the Pillars. For if even one Pillar falls, Nov Matar would be beset by evil the likes of which no mortal can dream.   Nov Matar is part of Matarros, the world that is.   Many folk, particularly very old giants, speak of Matarrea, the world that was.   Meanwhile the young look forward to Matarundoli, the world that one day will be.  

Note to the Reader

  Nov Matar is BIG. It may not be as large as our 'real' world but it is large and in it there are many people living, many languages spoken, many deities worshiped, philosophies argued, histories debated, and stories written and above all many perspectives on the various ways of the world.   You should then note that the information provided in many articles, and predominantly those dealing with the major effects of Matar, such as the Veil and the Pillars, that these are presented as coming from one perspective rather than the right perspective.   It would otherwise be impossible to discuss almost anything of importance. Take, for example, the Pillars of Heaven. Well, in many places they are called something other than pillars. Many disagree as to what they are and who built them (if built they were) and when and how. In fact, in many places of Nov Matar, folk are entirely ignorant that such things exist. And most folks who even live within visible range of the Pillars will not suggest that what they are near is a Pillar but the Pillar of Heaven.   As such let the reader take everything herein with salt. Sometimes only a grain is needed, sometimes a pound.

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