Druidic Circles

Found this list of druidic circles floating around the net. quote: Here are the ones that Im aware of. D = Disbanded A = Active   Battledale Seven (Cormanthyr, D) Shadowdale Circle (Cormanthyr, D) the Talkers to the Trees (Cormyr-Kirinwood, A) the Knightswood Nine (Cormyr-Knightswood, A) The Emerald Enclave (Turmish and Chondath, A) The Nature Seekers (Underdark, A) Circle of Seven Daggers (Daggerdale, A)* Tall Trees (High Forest, A) Unnamed Circle (northern foothills of the Rauvin Mountains, A) The Circle of the Sheaf (Raven's Bluff area, A) Dusk Circle (Westwood, A)   * From the Northern Journey mega-adventure   Moonwells are a cool way of explaining grove sites as some kind of sponateous vigorous energy that wells up along waterflows from the earth. When properly tended by druids I'd give the pools of radiance the powers to spontaneously awaken plants, produce goodberries, control temperature and winds and provide sweet waters. These tend to become small groves of 60ft to 400ft radius, with plants growing in concentric circles around an open center for meditation, with usually the moonwell nearby.   I think the list above represents greater groves (400ft+) that have been tended for over a couple thousand years, and subsequently have greater power in their nature blessings. Unless they are disbanded, in which case they gradually lose their powers. I'm thinking powers on the level of spontaneous reincarnations, climate control, "beastspeak" zones or growth of forbidden fruits like ambrosium.   As of 1374 DR I'd give the (Active or Disbanded) groves the following status/powers. Its defenders (if any) will on average be of medium to high level.   the Elven Woods/Cormanthor     Battledale Seven (Cormanthyr Forest, D) fading Lesser Grove / sweet waters     Shadowdale Circle (Cormanthyr Forest, D) ancient faded Lesser Grove with Stone Circle/ control temperature - speaking menhirs     the Talkers to the Trees (Cormyr-Kirinwood, A) unknown/ unknown     the Knightswood Nine (Cormyr-Knightswood, A) recovered Greater Grove/ reincarnation - beastspeak zone - fey crossroad (dark waterpool between an ancient oak is a guarded by a friendly fey, and a two way portal to the public Heroes' Garden in Sea Ward of Waterdeep, which is guarded by a hostile feyguardian)     Circle of Seven Daggers (Daggerdale; Spiderhaunt Forest, A) contested corrupted Greater Grove/ hungry trees (evil treants) - bountiful (both posioned and "goodberry" fruit) - prophetic dreams     Falls of Tumbling Stars (valley in Thunderpeaks, eastern Cormyr, D) reclaimed Greater Grove of Mielikki/ whispering leaves - healing waters     Gulthmere Forest/Chondalwood       The Emerald Enclave (Turmish and Chondath, A) ancient Grand Grove-isle of Ilighon/ ancient awakened trees - calm emotions - scrying pools - feyportal menhirs - stone guardian menhirs     The Nature Seekers' Grove of Renewal (Underdark, A) ancient Greater Grove/ earth power (+2 cl for earth spells) - reincarnation - sweet waters - feyportal "menhirs"     the Nantarn Council's Emerald Grove (Serôs, under the Sea of Fallen Stars, A) Greater Grove of Eldath/ unknown     Hill of Fangs (West of Westgate, most southern of seven hills to seven lost gods, D) abandoned ancient Greater Grove of Moander/ stunted growth - sickening grounds - haunted     the High Forest/Silver Marches(Luruar)       Circle of the Stag (the Unicorn Run south of the Star Mounts, A) Greater Grove of Mielikki/ awakened trees - bountiful (fruits of love) - eternal spring season - sweet waters     Tall Trees (Teuveamantaar, High Forest, A) Greater Grove/ awakened trees - blinding spellwards (as Holy Aura) - scrying pools - bountiful (sap of barkskin & merciful weapon)     Glade of Life (the North-High Forest, A) unknown Greater(?)Grove of Mielikki, Chauntea, Lurue and Eldath/ unknown     Unnamed Circle (the Cold Wood; northern foothills of the Rauvin Mountains, A) unknown/ unknown     Grey Druids of the Undermoor (under the High Moor near the drow city of Eryndlyn, A) fading Greater Grove of Ibrandul/Shar/ eternal season (fall) - whispering rapids (fascinate until starvation) - bountiful (fruits of know direction)     Crimson Grove (Silver Marches' Moonwood, D) fading contested Greater Grove/ sweet waters - healing zone (double natural rates)     The People of the Black Bloods 'Claw Hollow' (Silver Marches' Moonwood, A) numerous fading Lesser Groves / Lesser Sanctuary of Malar eternal fall season - protective aura vs good     Warren Wardens (Silverymoon, A (mostly halflings)) Greater Grove of Yondalla/Chauntea/ unknown     the Circle of Silver's Silverglen (Silverymoon, a regional alliance of northern druids from Leaflords Host, Crimson Grove, Silverglen & Warren Wardens, A) unknown/ unknown     Leaflords Host (Silver Marches' Moonwood, D) fading contested Greater Grove/ sweet waters - whispering leaves     Unnamed Circle (alliance led by the Hybsil archdruid Five Point in presumably the Lurkwood, the North, A) unknown/ unknown     Unnamed Circle of the Woods of Turlang (verdant alliance led by the Treant Grand Druid to the Upvale in northern reaches of High Forest near Hellgate Dell/Keep, A) Greater Grove of Mielikki/ awakened trees - abundant growth     the Night Trees (a corrupted circle led by the Tree Slaker (a former Patriarch of Chauntea, now Blightlord of "Grumbar"/Moander), between the Moonwood and Coldwood of the Silver Marches, A) fading corrupted Lesser Grove of Chauntea/Moander/ sickening grounds - hungry trees - stone guard menhirs (corrupted into mud-elementals) - haunted - risen dead     Moonshaes       Corwell Firth (Ruins of Caer Corwell, next to Kendrick' Castle, D) Greater(?)Grove of Earthmother-Chauntea with Moonwell/ unknown     Mirror Lake (southern Fens of the Fallon, the Highlands of Gwynneth, A) unknown/ prophetic daydreams (whispering waters at dawn)     The Grove of Meditation (southern peaks of Cambro Mountains on Gwynneth) Mountains, A) unknown/ enhanced concentration (elven related spells at +2 CL, easier learning of those spells)     Singing waterfalls (created by the run-off from glaciers high in the Cambro mountains, D) unknown/ singing waters (enrapture humans until starvation)     the Rawlinswood/Forest of Lethyr       Circle of Leth or Blightlords of Talona (Dun Tharos, Rawlinswood of the Great Dale, in the southwestern valley of the Giantspire Mountains, D) abandoned corrupted Living Forest Fortress of Silvanus/Talona/ massive growth - stunted growth - bountiful (fruits of detect traps) - reincarnation zones / sickening grounds - fouled waters - hungry dead trees (raised evil treants) - haunted - demon infested     Lyons Oak (south of Icehilt river, Impiltur, A) ancient Greater Grove of Silvanus/ awakened tree - bountiful (fruits of heroism) - beastspeak zone     The Circle of the Sheaf (Raven's Bluff area, A) Greater Grove of Chauntea/ bountiful (fruits of glibness)     Other regions       Deeping Caves (vine choked gully in the Kryptgarden Forest, A) lesser grove & draconic lair/ chlorine haze (exhaustion inducing, dc 14) - corrupted Unseelie and Seelie Fey - poisoned waters - massive vines growth     Dusk Circle (Westwood on the Sword Coast, A) unknown/ unknown     Duskwood Dell (east of Eshpurta river, Amn, A) waterfalls of tributary form a reclaimed Greater Grove of Eldath/ sweet waters - healing waters - scrying pools     Elah'Zad (the middle of a series of desert springs, Anauroch, A) ancient Greater Grove of Eldath / Selune/ prophetic daydreams (females only) - sweet waters - control winds     Old Oak Dell (Forest of Tethyr, Tethyr, A) ancient Greater Grove of Silvanus/ awakened tree - animal trance songs - calm emotions - bountiful (fruits of longevity) - prophetic dreams     Hermits Heights (in a cavelike split on a peak of the Orsraun Mountains, Dragon Coast, D) ancient Lesser Grove of Silvanus/ prophetic daydreams (in solitude and starved only) - fey crossroad to Thornwood (guarded by a seelie bear)     Thornwood Dell (at the top of a hill of the Thornwood, between the Mintar river and the Thornwash, northern Lake of Steam region, D) ancient Lesser Grove of Silvanus/ whispering leaves - fey crossroad to Hermits Heights (guarded by a seelie fox)       Edit: redone with active/disbanded status (A or D) & added some info   Edit:: added Moonwoods Claw Hollow and Crimson Grove, added magic fruit effects to bountiful power   Edit::: some changes to Claw Hollow   Edit:::: Added the lost grove built over Dun-Tharos & Glade of Life of Lurue, Chauntea, Eldath and Mielikki   Edit::::: Added more structure by including Faeruns 5 major druidic zones and more groves on the Moonshaes   Edit:::::: Included the Circle of the Stag & Undermoor groves; updated Tall Trees   Edit::::::: Added Deeping Caves and unknown circle led by the Hybsil archdruid   Edit:::::::: Added Turlang and his verdant shenannigans; updated Five Point the Hybsil druid   Edit::::::::: Added the Treeslaker and the eerie Night Trees; made the Claw Hollow "circle" active; changed Knightswood Nine running moonwell into a fey-crossroad and added some crossroads destinations I found this here: http://www.realmshelps.net/faerun/lore/rand/silverorg.shtml   Druids of the Silver Marches It comes as a surprise to no one that the Silver Marches area is a stronghold for good druids. The followers of Mielikki maintain strongholds in Silverymoon and in the eastern edge of the High Forest (a sacred grove known as Tall Trees). The folk of the Silver Marches respect good druids, but they don't expect the nature priests to get involved in the day-to-day affairs of the communities unless doing so supports or affirms their religious convictions. Evil druids and their destructive tendencies are feared, especially when they associates (as they so often do) with bands of evil humanoids. Druids also congregate in small groups known as druidic circles, which is a reference to the natural life and death cycle. One can find a druidic circle located beneath the northern foothills of the Rauvin Mountains, where the border of the Coldwood meets the rising high ground.   There is also this from here: http://silverymoon.thyle.net/netbook/chapter3.html     The Circle of Silver The Circle of Silver is an alliance of druidic groves in the Moonlands. Founded in the Year of the Harp (1355 DR) by the Argent Watchers, the Circle of Silver has grown to include druids of many faiths and races. The elven and half-elven Leaflord's Host, the Crimson Grove of the Moonwood, the Keepers of the Silverglen in Silverymoon and the halfling Warren Wardens all count themselves as members of the Circle, as do a number of individual and solitary druids in the areas around the Moonlands. The Circle of Silver works closely with the Heralds and the Harpers; indeed, several members of the Circle are known to wear Harper pins beneath their robes.   The membership of the Circle has recently been decimated by ruthless attacks from a group of evil Malar-worshipping lycanthropes calling themselves the People of the Black Blood. The surviving druids have retreated from the Moonwood to regroup. Rangers and others are petitioning the High Mage for assistance in dealing with this new threat, though Taern has not answered their call as yet.   There clearly are NOT canon sources but is good stuff none the less.

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