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Mind Rot

Written by ZoologicalBotanist

Their slow, stumbling corpses were covered in electric blue mushrooms. Somehow, against all odds, Mind Rot had returned from oblivion.

Transmission & Vectors

Mind Rot is spread through contact with an infected individual or surface. Inorganic surfaces that have been in contact with an infected individual are especially dangerous, as it can remain dormant on the surface for centuries, waiting for a suitable host to come along.


Mind Rot is caused by the fungus Mentimperium corporis (literally translating to 'mind control body') infecting the nervous system of any higher fauna. Vertebrate fauna seem particularly vulnerable, although some invertebrate fauna have been known to fall prey to the fungus as well.   Floral and Fungal organisms are immune to Mind Rot.


Depending on how advanced the infection is, symptoms can vary. Some of the more common ones include: Loss of motor control, loss of speech, loss of senses, loss of memory, and aggression.


For the early stages of the infection, a strong fungicide typically works well, although as the fungal infection progresses will become increasingly ineffective. Mid to late stage infections are typically incurable.   Later stage infected are typically either already dead or far too damaged to allow them to live in their original body, although a new one could be made for them.   The exception is if the fungus began in the brain of the host. If this is the case, the host is to be considered a mid to late stage infected from the start.


Mind Rot, if not cured early on, will have devastating consequences for the infected, ranging from permanent loss of fine motor skills or reduced mental capability from the infection of their nervous system to, in late stage infected, loss of voluntary movement and processing ability or death. In the very late stage of the infection, death has almost always already occurred, with the infected corpse being no more than a puppet controlled by the fungus inside of it.   If the fungus began in the brain of the host, the host is to be considered a mid to late stage infected from the start.


For those cured in the early stages of infection, the most they can usually have to expect as a result of the fungus is uncontrollable twitching, a slightly reduced ability to think quickly or focus for long periods of time. Those cured in the mid stages of infection can typically expect all of the above plus reduced motor skills, reduced senses, and reduced mental processing. Those cured in the late stages of infection, if they are even still alive at this point, can expect a significantly reduced quality of life, as the fungus had taken control of most of their nervous system. All known individuals who survived late stage infection were unable to live without constant care, and were permanently hospitalized.   The exception is if the fungus began in the brain of the host. If this is the case, the host is to be considered a mid to late stage infected.


As Mind Rot has been eradicated from most of the world, the only known locations where it could still exist outside of a lab are in ancient ruins. When exploring these places, it is recommended to avoid skin contact with any surfaces that may contain spores. If an infected corpse is seen in the area, it is recommended that you leave immediately, taking care to touch as few surfaces as possible and breathe as little air as you can.   If skin contact is made, immediately use magic or water to wash the area, and then report to the nearest medical center for a thorough decontamination.


In the past, Mind Rot was used as a biological weapon during seiges. Simply launch an infected body (alive or dead) into the city, wait, then go in and clean up the dead. However, this often started widespread plagues, leading to its use dying out and the subsequent eradication of it. To this day, old ruins and strongholds remain the only known locations that could harbor the fungus.

Cultural Reception

In general, Mind Rot is highly feared by the population. While the victims and infected are pitied, only the stupid go near one without being protected using any method available. Even then, only government workers sent to contain infected do this, as the risk is far to great.
Chronic, Acquired
Extremely Rare

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