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The End of an Era

The Night of Blood and Bone   On the dark night that Zariya murdered the Atrameneous Savron and turned the Emiril Savron to Stone, she then turned her attention to the Violacean Sphere. Imiza had already gathered her forces and marched, ready to meet the betrayer Savron head on. Imiza had brought her troops mostly for support as she was sure that she could put an end to this madness once and for all. Long into the night the two Savron queen's fought bitterly through fire and smoke, both armies clashing in the dark.   So it was, that Imiza, the strongest and most stalwart of all the Savron's fell, her shield cracked, her focus broken. Her power bled out onto the Plateau and seeped away. She lay there broken amidt the bodies of her fallen army and the witnesses still left standing as Zariya contemptuously turned and left. All heard her parting words as she left, laughing.  
"I'll leave you alive little flower. Broken and without power you are not worth killing. It will bring me great joy to know how you will suffer in your shame"
  Imiza was gently lifted from the battlefield and taken back to her stronghold. She managed to stay awake until they had almost reached the fortress entrance before she finally succumbed and passed out. When she came to three days later she heard the news.   How Elrin, her once faithful captain had stood on the walls and proclaimed her loss. How Zariya had toyed with her as a child's doll and that their great Savron had fallen, her focus broken. He told the world that she was no longer Savron or blessed by the Sphere's. That her fall meant that she wasn't fit to wield the power of a Savron. And then he had thrown his crest away and left. Taking most of the Violacean army with him.   Imiza was left with nothing that day. Her Sphere recognized her no longer and she was left without power or home, only the broken shield tossed into the room she awoke in. No healer had seen to her and none would look at her. And so Imiza, Savron no more, took up her broken shield and left the city.   Acknowledgement or no, she patrolled the borders of the Violacean Sphere. Her own people turned their nose at her and jeered when she was glimpsed, but that didn't stop her. She became a ghost. The people looking out for whispers of a sighting of her and rumors flying wherever she was seen, but Imiza never seemed to notice.
Violacea Desertion by Freja via Midjourney
The Violacean Soldiers abandoning the capital and leaving the city unprotected.
Record, Historical
Elrin Captain of the Violacean Army by Freja via Midjourney
Elrin, captain of the Violacean Army, second only to Savron Imiza. The moment Zariya broke Imiza upon the battlefield he declared his loyalty no more and announced Imiza's defeat, convincing the people of her own Sphere that she was unworthy to be their Savron.

Cover image: Violacea by Freja via Midjourney


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