Nexus Reborn: Rise of the Fallen

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The world of Nexus. The culmination of creatures, materials, and technology from all across existence, brought about by the event known as the Convergence. Forcing the Planes to slowly collide and collapse within one another, the aftermath, leaving pieces of the Planes scattered all across Nexus. Some, maintaining the Essence of their natures, while others only hinting at remnants of their wonder, but all reshaping and changing Nexus permanently.   Over the centuries, humaity, has fought to find its place in this new and chaotic world, facing new and old threats simultaneously. But over time, the creatures of Nexus and those from other planes have learned to coexist with one another...mostly. For we all share a common enemy here on Nexus, known simply as The Fiends. Abominations of evil and destruction, they seek nothing short of wiping out all life from Nexus, native and foreign alike.   Together, humanity has risen beyond our differences to create new Nations, and Societies focused on the preservation of natural life, and eliminate of The Fiends. New cultures were also established around the development of warriors, Hunters we call them, whose sole purpose was to combat The Fiends and maintain a safe haven for all life to continue thriving.   But as time went on, The Fiends grew stronger, wiser, and adapted to this new threat. Now an even larger demand for Hunters has risen, and the need for the best of the best is echoed louder than ever before, across the 5 Great Nations. It is still unclear what is driving the evolution of The Fiends, or why they seek to eliminate all life. But one thing is certain, we will need Hunters like yourself to end this threat!   Do you think you have what it takes to save this world, and protect all the things that you hold dear? To face dangerous challenges and fight for those who can't? To rise to the top and claim a seat among the greatest and most skilled warriors in history? If so, then join the efforts! !BECOME A HUNTER!   We look forward to helping your story begin….  
-- Artemis Moonbow --
Headmistress of The Moonbow Hunters Academy.

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