OIl of Absolute Invulnerability

Sold by Leo Chaucer at his roving dispensary, Parliament of Fowls, this viscous oil has been transferred to a handy perfume bottle, and purportedly renders anyway coated with it immune to all physical harm. That is probably an exaggeration.

Dragonsmoke Archipelago

Oil of Absolute Invulnerability


Very Rare

For 1d4+2 rounds after you spray this oil over yourself, you have immunity to all bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage. However, while under its effects, you must choose between either an action or a bonus action on your turn, you cannot take reactions, and your speed is halved. This sparkling liquid seems to be flecked with tiny shards of silver and swirls easily in a small amber perfume bottle.

Weight: 0lbs

Item type
Consumable, Magical