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Thirty years ago, a series of plagues and dire winters saw contact between the peoples of Generica dwindle and, with time, fade entirely into memory. One pocket of humanity huddled together around The Crystal Eye, an alpine lake, and rode out the chaos wracking the world in the relative safety of the mountain's isolation. In time, several small communities banded together to form High Hedgeburg, a fortress town aside the Eye and an island of stability in a frigtening world.   You are among the first generation to come of age in High Hedgemont. The lay of the land beyond the Crystal Woods is an utter mystery to you. The last courier from nearby Limebough came and went before you were ever born; the mouldering charts and musty tomes in the town library are scribed in dialects only a scant few elders can still fathom. Now that a decade's glaciers have thawed and the trees have come into bloom once again, it falls to you to strike out into the world with sword and spell in hand in search of fame, fortune, knowledge, power - and, most importantly, answers.