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New Alexandria Criminals, Corporations and Supernaturals

Host: The Lambent Eye
Author: SheepdogWA
Editing and CSS: Thursday the German
Federal and state laws had departed the moment New Alexandria was designated as an open city. Now only might makes right, and none are mightier than criminals, corporations and supernaturals. The three interact, intermingle and compete, leaving everyone else to suffer the fallout. For now, there is a certain equilibrium between them, but it sits upon a throne of gunpowder.

All it takes is a few firebrands.
And there are plenty of candidates.


Villainy and desperation in equal measure: these are the ingredients of a thriving criminal ecosystem. In New Alexandria, both are equally bountiful. The desperate are driven to drastic measures for survival, and the villainous are all too happy to oblige, for a price. The price may be money, or it may be loyalty. Sometimes, the price may be blood on your hands. There is little choice left but to accept, when all other options fail.

Most have already accepted.

There are some, however, to whom acceptance is unthinkable. To whom the line between desperation and villainy is so blurry as to not exist at all. Vigilantes. Always outnumbered, but ever persistent. An eternal thorn in the side of the villains; eternal villains over the heads of the desperate.


With the mayoral coffers having long since run dry, all economic power rests with the corporations. Housing, jobs, security, now only they have the power to provide these things. Alas, with the last vestiges of regulations having evaporated, corporations of New Alexandria are now freer than ever to pursue the clarion call of profit. All else be damned.

Should anyone dare oppose them, the full force of the almighty capital can be brought to bear against them. A legion of the desperate, all with nothing to lose, stands ready to perform the dirtiest of deeds for the lowest of rates. Truly, a bargain. One that no self-respecting businessman would ever dream of missing out on.

Hell hath no fury, like a venture scorned.


If criminals are the power below, and corporations are the power above, then supernaturals are the power in the background. They are not organised like the other two, nor do they impose their wills overtly upon the city, but neither crime nor capital would ever achieve the heights they have without employing the services of supernaturals. These reality-defying individuals permeate both power structures, often commanding much sway within them.

Yet, in many ways, they are just as much victims of New Alexandria's sad reality as their ordinary counterparts. Whatever their functions, they are still humans, with stomachs to be filled, heads to be sheltered, lives to be fought for and, above all, circumstances to be reckoned with. All things that crime and capital are masters of exploiting.