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Once, Neria was a world like most others. Wars were raged over territory, resources, and - despite their little interest in the humanoid races wiping each other out - in the name of the gods. No one knows just how long the races and regions of Neria fought each other, only that the gods eventually decided that the world they'd created had seen enough war. The gods of magic aligned themselves against man, and took from them the greatest weapon that they used to kill each other with - magic. For the first - and last - time in all of history, the sentient beings of Neria had a single goal to unite them. As it happens, gods aren't as immortal as they claim to be.   Now, Neria is a world where people are motivated more by innovation and survival than they are fighting over the local resources. When the gods were killed, the cosmic force shattered reality into millions of pieces. These shards of power made manifest contain the magic that the gods had held from the people of Neria, opening endless opportunities for those able to interact with the magic in the crystals.   One would be mistaken in believing that the citizens of Neria escaped punishment for their act of extreme hubris. The people of Neria may have easier access to magic - and more of it, at that - than ever before, but they also deal with aether storms, the violent scars left over the world as reality tore itself apart. These storms are not dangerous, with constant lightning touching down, but are extremely caustic to crystals exposed to the storms for an extended period of time, rendering the magic within them useless.