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Chrome Summit

The end of incompatile augs, ridiculously expensive adapters and annoying interface hardware. Enjoy cybernetic augmentations without limits - Buy CS-compliant Augs!
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  • Board of Directors
  • Project Management Office
  • System Architecture Team
  • Expert Groups
  • CS open source software project
The board consists of Founding Charter and Charter members, and a small number of elected Core members.

Each of the Expert Groups is led by a cybernetic augmentation original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and supported by a Tier 1 supplier.
Membership of the Chrome Summit is divided into following levels: Founding Charter, Charter, Core, Associate.

Public Agenda

Chrome Summit is an open development community collaboratively producing cybernetic augmentation software componets, standard APIs, cybernetic control units (CCU), a development platform for inter-cybernetic augmentation interfaces, connected augmentation solutions and factory cross-manufacturer compatible Cybernetic Augmentations. Having introduced open source software approach to the cybernetic augmentation (C-Aug) software ecosystem, Chrome Summit provides original equipment manufacturers and thier supplieres new and more efficient methods of producing cybernetic augmentation software. Chrome Summit focuses on delivering a Chrome Summit Development Platform (CSDP) that equips both cybernetic augmentation and software developers to rapidly prototype new, innovative solutions.   Chrome Summit manages a members-only Chrome Summit Compliance program based on the Chrome Summit Development Platform Compliance Specification which is released twice annually to Chrome Summit members.


The Chrome Summit was founded on February 16, 2071 by Alphacom, ApexMedical, ApexSystems, Novatech, ORBIT and Zeuslife, where competitors collaborate on areas non-strategic for their core businesses. To reduce their costs these Cybernetic Augmentation manufacturers cooperate to construct a common and cross-manufacturer compatible Cybernetic Augmentation and compete on other areas where they can differentiate better.
Noteable Members
All Augmentations & Healthcare
Cybernetic Augmentations
Grid Technolgy & Software
Cybernetic Augmentations & Communications
Cybernetic Augmentations & Cyber-Lifestyle
Semiconductors & Computer Hardware
Arcane Acoustics
Cybernetic Augmentations & Audio Equipment
Cube Microsystems
Artificial Intelligence & Electronics
Founding Date
February 16, 2071
Consortium, Business
About Chrome Summit
Chrome Summit is a cybernetic augmentation industry alliance that develops standard approaches for integrating operating systems and middleware present in cybernetic augmentations. The Chrome Summit links adopters of AuroraEdge, Orbit++ and other C-Aug software with solution suppliers resulting in a productive and collaborative community of 100+ members worldwide.

Chrome Summit has built a strong a community where cybernetic experts and thought leaders from related industries (e.g., Nanoelectronics, Neuroinformatics, etc.) can collaborate to produce adoptable standards and open source code. These collaborations are often based on industry trends that require collaborative development of solutions for increased functionality in cybernetic augmentations. The Chrome Summit has become a community where ecosystems outside of the cybernetic augmentation industry can meet and leverage the global cybermaker and supplier network in the Chrome Summit membership.

Chrome Summit has expanded its scope from its strength in inter-cybernetic augmentation interfaces and C-Aug open souce software to focus on helping cybernetic augmentation producers integrate the multiple operating systems present in Cybernetic Control Units. Several trends are driving Chrome Summit to pursue integration of multiple C-Aug operating systems including CCU consolidation, centralization, domain fusion and centralized augmentation computing.

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