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Normal Life

The normal life in Necumia is filled with battles and new technology. The people of this world are used to this lifestyle and still continue on with their daily lives. This all started when they first saw each other.  


The Qieq’ars wanted to have more land for settlements and the Irziell’s wanted the same thing. They fought over it and there was eventually a time of peace.   The Irziell’s kept on defeating them and this made the Qieq’ars think of how they could get them back. They used their resources to their advantage and created more advanced weapons. This helped them win more battles. This eventually turned into a full scale war. The Irziell’s made them go into an isolated region in the far north hoping this would solve their problem but nope it didn’t.   A large amount of Qieq’ars died off since they weren’t used to the cold and lack of food which has lead to revenge. There’s still Qieq’ars inhabiting the main island to this day. This war kept going to this day.  


The technology on the Irziell side is more on the holographic, sci fi. They can cure lots of known diseases from centuries of trial and error. Their tech is mostly plant based and relies on Prore to attach components.   However on the Qieq’ars side their technology is more focused on weapons. Their guns are very powerful and can accept bullets that have powerful affects like blindness, hearing loss and other horrible things. The most recent technology they’ve created is Mind Chip. This allows them to take over their enemies and turn them against their people. The effects can’t be removed unless the chip is removed. It’s only been used twice because it’s very expensive.
by 849356 on Pixabay

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Cover image: Battlefield by TheDoctor292 in artbreeder


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