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Fort Canis Major

Fort Canis is the name of Ferora's main military base. It has the largest military system out of all the countries in Navera, and it serves as the government because of the historical belief in militarism. Ferora is one of the few countries that still believes in militarism, and it is the only country that makes active duty a citizen requirement. By requiring all citizens to serve Ferora always has a strong army to enforce their agenda. In their society it is portrayed as an incentive for young people to earn the ability to live their lives freely. They constantly promote the idea that work will make them free. The highest rank in Fort Canis is the General, and the General is the equivalent of the President in a democracy. General Ana Adare is the current General of Ferora. Next in line is the Lieutenant General Gina Willows, who is the equivalent of a Vice President in a democracy. There is also a council which is divided into committees that handle different societal factors (i.e. economy, foreign affairs, domestic affairs, etc.) All decisions must pass through the council in order for the General to enact said decisions. There are leaders of each committees, they are known as Majors. All Majors come together to form a cabinet for the General. While Ferora has multiple smaller bases set around the country, Fort Canis is the main base that holds all important affairs.


It is connected to the land by a painfully long bridge at the end of the region. The base is large and secluded by a body of water. The first few thousand miles leading up to the bridge serve as checkpoint buildings to ensure the utmost security. For regulars who work in Fort Canis, they have transport to hurriedly take them back and forth to the base, saving them the excruciating trip.

Natural Resources

Fort Canis has access to nearly everything home to the country of Ferora, and then some, because they are the overarching power of the country.
Alternative Name(s)
Fort Canis
Included Organizations
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