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The Supreme Command

The Supreme Command is the nation's army. The army plays a significant role in their society because it is militaristic. Soldiers operate both within and outside of borders, and are used to defend national ideology as well as control the people living in the country.


At the top is the General. Below the General are the Lieutenant Generals, Lieutenant Majors and General Captains. The soldiers, which make up the majority, are the lowest of all ranks.

Public Agenda

Their goal is to keep their nation's interest a priority whether it be forced or considered. On the other side, having a powerful army also reduces crime and misdemeanor within the nation as well.


They have access to a powerful army, the nation's wealth and natural resources.


The Supreme Command has existed since the beginning of the nation's history. It started out as a couple hundred people fighting for territory to begin their civilization, eventually turning into a global powerhouse in modern day.


Military Order
Alternative Names
"The Army"
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Fort Canis Major
Notable Members

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