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Military Academy

Military Academy is the stepping stone to serving in the Ferora military. Taken from age sixteen to eighteen, these two years of education are meant to prepare the youth for the battlefield, ensuring maximum results and performance for the government.


At the top is the Principal. They are typically retired Generals or other high ranks. Then the Vice Principal, also retired high rank. Teachers, retired high ranks.

Public Agenda

To train the youth to become seasoned soldiers fit for battle. Garners overall efficiency in military strength.


The practice was established just a few years after Ferora was established, because the government wanted to have a surefire way of making sure each individual was both physically and mentally fit to serve. Throwing people in with no former training wasn't a smart way to go about running an army.

"Fight with the best."

Educational, School/Academy
Alternative Names
Freshies, Trainees, Newbies, etc.
Fort Canis Major

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