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Solorium refers to various magic-imbued crystals that grow all over Naikwan. These crystals are used for a variety of purposes, from airship fuel to power sources to weapons. Many cultures have found ways to use the crystals to achieve certain magical abilities, such as precognition or telepathy.


Material Characteristics

Solorium in its most natural and pure form has the appearance of a clear glowing crystal. Some crystals are other colors depending on what kind of magical properties they have absorbed from their environment. For example, a crystal that has been exposed to a wildfire will be orange with fire essence. Solorium crystals glow, and the stronger the glow, the more potent the magic inside.

History & Usage

Everyday use

The most common use for Solorium is a light source. Solorium crystals glow, and thus can be used in their straight crystal form or can be put in lanterns. Solorium can also be melted and then cooled to create weapons such as swords, knives, etc. The weapon will be imbued with whatever charge the crystals that were used to make it had.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Some cultures grind the crystals up and ingest them. The Febari, for example, ingest the grounds in order to have precognitive visions, and much of their culture is built around this. Others such as the Dolauss Sanctum Guardians inject the Solorium intravenously in order to gain magical abilities and strength. This process is quite dangerous and can be fatal, and thus it is reserved as a rite of passage only for those who have trained for it.

Manufacturing & Products

Solorium fuel is the most sought after use for Solorium crystals. It can only be made from pure crystals that have absorbed no outside essences, which are the rarest to find. To make fuel, the crystals are melted into a liquid form and kept in Solorium-resistant tubes of various sizes that are designed to keep it hot enough to stay liquid. Solorium fuel is quite volatile if not stored correctly, and can cause explosions. There is currently a Solorium fuel shortage in Naikwan, making fuel a highly valuable product.


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