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San Volta

With its original founding name lost forever after to the rise of Cicloism, San Volta was a historic agricultural center for the Ariki of Daumi for cotton production and fishing. San Volta is located mainly on the north bank of the Marū, along a smaller distributary known as the Awa Riri. In the post industrial years, San Volta was also a major tourist hub for it's beaches on the peninsula across the bay from the city and it's historical significance as a contributor to Cicloisms rise with the castle, Pākaha Volta, and it's surrounding buildings being not only a huge tourist spot, but was also still the center for administration of the city and its surrounding territories. As war with Sharadi became more likely, San Voltas naval base was used as a staging area and shipyard for mainland Imperial forces, adding urban development to the south bank of the Marū which functioned very much like a twin city to San Volta that was dubbed Pākaha Vila.   When the bombs dropped, the residents of San Volta were partly spared by a Sharadian nuke as the explosions epicenter was on the military base. However, the radioactive fallout from not just that blast, but also the multiple nuclear detonation's in Tujita motivated the survivors to abandon the city entirely and hastily, leaving it abandoned to this day.   Being a blindspot for whoever is in control of Porto Turra, the old commercial dockyards and nearby coves are now commonly used by pirate's and smugglers who stay in the local scrap town. Republic intelligence agency, the Office of Naval Securities (OVN) also use the concealment offered by the ruins and environment as a landing area for conducting larger operations across the region.
Pre-War Population
622,710   Imperial Ascension
1983 ISC

2162 ISC

Founding Date
2160 BAI