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Drumul Mare

The Drumul Mare is an ancient Age of Stone made tunnel network located mainly under, and through the relatively young mountain range of the Sierra Apia, seemingly constructed for the purpose of bypassing the above ground passes of the mountains and creating underground habitats. This massive tunnel network also housed vaults that contained the knowledge of the ancient aethrin and their inaethri who constructed it, and was zealously protected by the Apians at the behest of the God's they worshiped, believing to be the descendants of the people who constructed the architectural wonder.
  It's tunnels span across the mountains, with large and dense settlements located at it's high elevation entrances near the source of the major rivers of the peninsula. The tunnels themselves vary in width and height, with some tunnels being no bigger than what's necessary to fit the average sized aethrin and some being grandiose in scale, likely meant for the construction of large and self sustaining cities, evidenced by fully intact stone structures and implanted bio-zones originating from the Age of Stone within those areas. Many were only partially finished, likely because of the appearance of the Brume.
  A benefit that came from this for the peoples that came after the Infinite Winter, for ancient Apians in particular, was easy access to a variety of metal ores that would have been unavailable otherwise. Where some Clans essentially skipped the bronze age and straight to metal working with iron, making Apian Iron in the Early States Era a hot commodity. Not to mention the fact that the Drumul Mare also provides easy year round ground routes to the Charstani coast. The only caveat to these benefits is that they had to be gained by working with the Clans that controlled these particular routes, who often competed with each other. Making different routes at times unavailable to anyone who lacked impressive negotiation skills.
Founding Date
25000 BAI
Megastructure, Land based