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Creasada, known as Toka Ma to Aredian speakers, is a Citadel city with moderate deposits of tin, iron, and gold. Unlike most Citadel cities, Creasada has been mostly been inhabitated by ethnic Charstani. Ariki Amo te Maamaa, a Charstani leader who lived around 1100 BAI, took the Citadel from the Apian Gveli Clan via diplomatic trickery and unorthodox military strategy (for the time) and was able to take their Citadel for himself. The Gveli Clan, having no allies to call on in their moment of need, attempted to retake their Citadel by themselves, with the subsequent battles ending in disaster. This gave Amo, and his descendants, much clout with other Charstani Ariki. Making the name a legendary one among aspiring military leaders to this day, a common Charstani first name, and a natural name for the Citadel that no longer belonged to the Gveli, the Citadel of Amo.
  Creasada, unlike most Apian settlements, is built mostly above ground around the Awa Ahi with a small percentage of residents living in the underground habitats on the Drumul Mare side of the city. The Drumul Mare lanes leading to the city are very narrow, as they weren't expanded during the Khozri era of rule due to the Ariki of Toka Ma at the time successfully blocking efforts to do so. With one tunnel finally being expanded to transport more material to Porto Turra for the construction of the I-3. In the post-war era the narrow lanes make it a very defensible position for the CRT in their current war against the CSC.
8,120ft   Population
Founding Date
1211 BAI
Alternative Name(s)
Toka Ma