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Boroi (bow-ROY) is a Citadel City, built around the Citadel Monadireta that was controlled by the Potskhveri Clan during the Early States Era. Unlike most Apian cities, Boroi city limits is mostly above ground with ancient stone fortifications sporadically but strategically placed in the surrounding area which marked the influence that the city use to project. It's entrance into the Drumul Mare was mostly disadvantageous to build and travel in as it was quite narrow, and the movement of the Earth has put it in a very vertical position that required pullies to get in and out. This made the Potskhveri Clan look outward into the fertile mountain valleys and hills of Daumi and the Awa MarÅ« and would choose not to exploit their access to much of the significant amounts of tin, platinum and uranium deposits until the Industrial Revolution.   One of the city's most notable features is the massive high elevation terraces that surround the city and despite nuclear war, the structure of the terraces still remain largely intact along with some of the oldest buildings of the settlement. However, Citadel Monadireta was the epicenter of the nuclear payload that Sharadi dropped on the city and even the powerful Apian Citadel was reduced to crumbling rock and dust due to the force of the explosion. Many of the more modern development projects were away from the old city, but not by much, leaving scorched apartment blocks and the industrial center as the only evidence of the city's pre-war past. Boroi has no scrap town, but it's not uncommon for scavengers to use it's Drumul Mare exit to bypass Junta territory to avoid exorbitantly expensive visa fees to go from Arenia to Charstania despite the dangers lurking in those tunnels.
8,391ft.   Pre-War Population
539,721   Imperial Ascension
1901 ISC


Founding Date
1035 BAI