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Classical Myths for a Modern World

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Myths are the stories a culture tells itself about itself. In the case of classical mythology, it's a body of stories that developed from oral tale-tellers in the depths of Dark Age Greece to eloquent authors of Imperial Rome over a thousand years or more. As received literature, these classics have been read, studied, riffed upon, and remixed ever since they were first invented. In that sense, they continue to tell us about our own society as the process of myth-making continues.   This site is a tool of authorship, a painter's palette where I can mix together my inexpert research into the Late Bronze Age Mycenaean Civilization, my limited understanding of classical Greek and Latin sources, thick layers of artistic license, and selections from my personal Greek myth headcanon. It contains necessary and intentional contradictions with every version of these stories other than my own.  
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Table of Contents


  • Map of Boiotia Region

    Thebai and its immediate surroundings.

  • Map of Akarnia and Aitolia Regions