Classical Myths for a Modern World

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Myths are the stories a culture tells itself about itself. Classical mythology is a body of stories that developed from proto-Indo-European roots, channeled through Bronze Age Agaean cultures of the Mycenaeans and Minoans, influenced by contact with Egyptian and Near Eastern sources, preserved by oral tale-tellers through the depths of the Dark Ages, compiled into the Homeric epics, riffed upon by Hellenistic playwrights, and coopted by the eloquent authors of Imperial Rome. As received literature, these classics have been read, studied, and remixed for thousands of years by cultures around the world, giving each society a platform to tell itself about itself in an unending thread of continual making and reimagining the landscape of myth.   This site is a cauldron of my inexpert research, limited understanding, thick layers of artistic license, and personal Greek myth headcanon. The goal is not to reconstruct the state of these stories at any point in history, but to process of myth-making to create stories that are both new and familiar, and which speak to who we are as a society in the 21st Century.  
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