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Humans are the creators of cities. As a result, many humans have mutli-generational families living in one place for a long period of time. Because of this, they refuse to give up land easily. Their homes are made of sturdy brick, and take a whole generation to build a town from scratch. Despite this Humans do get adventurous streaks, and some choose to follow this path their whole lives. Human adturerers do come home for big events, mostly to celebrate new life or to mourn the passing of another life.   They work closely with the Pygmy to establish trade between the cities. As a result, Pygmy and humans often go to school with each other, and those friendships usually carry on into adulthood. Human parties usually have at least on Pygmy for reconnaisance, handle finances, or simply good company.   Pygmy and Humans are heavily interwined. Pygmy run the banks and shipping. In exchange humans watch over their forrests when Pygmy migrate or temporarily leave for mating season. Humans also build and maintain the infrastructure that Pygmy rely on. The trust between the two races has kept each other alive, and made them steadfast allies during the Great Conflict.       Game Statistics   +2 HP   Humans can learn one of their choice: Dragonic, Dragonic Sign Language(DSL), Simple Pygmy, or Couatl heavy accent. ou do not sound like a native speaker.   First Impressions: Gain a +1 to your first interaction with someone you have never met before. Everyone, except some spirits and dragons, speak the language of humans.    City Slicker: You can navigate cities on land better than anyone. You do not have to make roles for finding locations in any city.    Lucky: Humans, despite being unremarkable, have somehow not only survived but thrived in the world. Once per session you can reroll one di. This can turn a fumble into a success or a ragular role to a crit.

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May 13, 2024 10:50 by Marc Zipper

That's cool that the humans have made a symbiotic relationship with the Pygmy. I like that the humans aren't trying to stand alone

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