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The Year of Change

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Everybody knew that we all walked on the back of the Dragon Turtles shell. Rivers and seas that provided food and fish are simply the trails left behind by playing twin sea serpents, Yin and Yang. The Ra dragon smiled on the sea turtles back, giving him and the people living on his shell warmth.   All life existed within Dragoon, the original mother and father of all. Their wings provided the blank emptiness of space, and their scales sparkled from the light of Ra, creating the stars. Most magnificent of all was their mane, which cast a strip of light upon the night sky. And every night, the two moons would rise, their eyes peering at a sleeping world.   Land, oceans, sun and space dragons gifted the world with all the blessings that created life. Their children, Midori-Ryuu, Ao-Ryuu, Kurenai-Ryuu, and Kuro-Ryuu became the four seasons. And their children’s children became clouds, thunder, rolling hills, and all the amazing phenomena of the world.   Welcome to Mytheria, where the spirits are real, and there be dragons.