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26 Thaumont 1003

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The "Known World" of Mystara is a diverse melting pot, home to many cultures and nations, with multiple analogies to real world cultures. It's a world of high fantasy and high magic, shaped and guided by powerful beings called Immortals, the divinities worshipped, feared and loved (or hated) by the inhabitants of Mystara. Immortals replace the role of Gods from other D&D settings, but differ in many ways; for one, they are beings who have ascended from their mortal state and serve one of the five spheres of power: Matter, Energy, Time, Thought and Entropy.   4000 years ago, The Great Rain of Fire destroyed the civilization of Blackmoor in a cataclysmic event which changed the climate and geography of the planet as a whole. The Known World, a region found on the south-eastern corner of the continent Brun, is home to the most notable nations of Mystara.   In the present day, Spring of 1004 AC, war has finally been declared between the two most powerful and equal empires, militaristic Thyatis and magic-obsessed Alphatia, with Glantri and the other nations caught up in the fray. Will they support either side or try to remain neutral? The world is in turmoil, with plots abound, and unknown adversaries at work. Who can be trusted? The leaders of the mortal races? Or even the Immortals themselves?   Much stands to change in the world of Mystara, and the balance of empires may rest in the hands of heroic individuals.   Do you dare answer the call?  
  Sources of information and thanks:   Mystara Gazetteers and other Sourcebooks
Vaults of Pandius
Glen Welch
Marco Dalmonte
Thorfinn Tait
Mystara Reborn