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Binding Tome

A binding tome is a book that a Worldbinder has bound a world to, or is in the process of binding a World to. The binding tome does not have to be made of anything special; Its most common form is a simple paper on leather journal. To bind a world, however, the binding tome must be empty to begin with.   The use of a binding tome is simply as an anchor point for a World that is formed by writing on its pages in the ancient text of The Precursors.

Document Structure



This is the portion of the book where the Aspects are written and balanced.    


  This is the where the interactions between the Aspects are clarified.  


When the Aspects and Paradigms portion of the book are complete, this where a Worldbinder can write "The Precursor's Spell," to automatically fill out this section in a manner that best follows the paradigms defined for the World, without making the World unstable. Editing of this section is possible, but doing so requires very advanced knowledge of Worldbinding and will result in an unstable World if done incorrectly. Not enough has been learned from The Precursors to allow a Worldbinder to write this section effectively.  


This is technically a section that falls under the "Formation" section. Here, the World's dimensions are defined. The Precursor's Spell will automatically fill this section with a somewhat-randomized, but always around medium-sized World. A Worldbinder may, however, define parameters for the World's dimensions, and it is theorized that a sufficiently knowledgeable Worldbinder could control the world's size directly.  


This is another important section that falls under the "Formation" section. This section defines the location of the World itself within the Myst, in the sense of an X-Y-Z axis. As the dimensions of the Myst are unknown, Worldbinders define the location in relation to the Tower of the Precursors, which is what the Precursors seem to have used as a reference point as well, in that the Tower is place almost precisely at what is defined by the Precursors as zero in every axis. The Precursor's Spell fills this section with the coordinates of where the book is currently being written in. Advanced Worldbinders can manipulate the binding process to have the World "Follow" the Worldbinder, in a sense.  


This is the location where the World is finally bound to the tome, upon writing the Closing Words. This is also the location where, if a user wishes to be able to use their world as a location to access through Portalmancy, the user may spill their blood.
Manuscript, Magical (Tome/Scroll)

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Sage Tris
Tris (necromancertris)
27 Jul, 2020 16:32

Is this a way to call people out for hoarding empty notebooks?? It's not my fault that they are so pretty and that I want them, okay! xD   This article has a very "meta" feel to it, can't wait to read more from this world to see how you'll play around with all this ^^