Deckard Lazeck

If you see the Dreadheart sail on the horizon, it's probably best to stay on shore, mate.
— An old mariner in Altrel
Sailing the oceans of Myriad is a dangerous task that is not for the faint of heart. You have a likely chance to encounter pirates and beasts of monsterous proportions on the open water. One of the many dangers on the water is the Due Reward which is captained by the greusome and ghostly Deckard Lazek. A knight of Melusine, The Ocean Sovereign, the Dreadheart Deckard represents the unforgiving nature of the tides and the cold briney death that eventually takes the lives of many sailors. His visage is that of a soaked and withering corpse. He is heavily scarred and has a white eye that is rumored to be able to see farther than any normal man could. The Dreadheart lays seige upon those who become too greedy with the bounties of the abyss. He lays waste to those actively hunting the sacred pets of Melusine. Seeing the Due Reward on the horizon before dawn breaks is herald of a storm so powerful it destroys any ship foolish enough to embark out to the depths that day. Many sailors day the last flag you'll ever see on the water is the Due Reward's. The flag shows a dark and withered heart in the maw of a skull that has a singular golden fang. He is the only Knight that Melusine has ever taken, as seemingly ever will. He is always on the lookout for new deackhands and many captains sell their souls for good fortune on the waters and safe passage for their crew. No matter how far they go, they will always return to the abyss. The Dreadheart always gets his payment.
Deckard Lazek, the Dreadheart. by Leashea via Midjourney

Cover image: by Leashea via Midjourney, Theiket with the photoshop


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