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The Watching Mountains

The farmers of the Green Lands have mostly grown accustomed to the constant feeling of being watched from The Fires End mountains. This feeling of this watching has grown into a story they tell their children not to wander off lest the mountains themselves get them.   A common telling of the story goes very much like this...   Felix make sure your back from fishing the stream before sundown lest The mountains be hold their gaze upon you for to long. They always know were you are and they'll tell me if you go cause trouble.   These stories cDo to the oppressive nature of the mountain side the young farmers truly believe the mountains behold them as they are growing up and thus tend to behave themselves when they are outdoors within sight of those mountains.   These story are only really told among the human farmers in the green lands the halfling, gnomeish, elven, and dwarvish farmers to the west do not tell such tales.   over time children have gone missing if they wander to close to the mountains after dark or for too long alone. Thus giving credence to the story told by the farmers. However most such disappearances have been attributed to the faceless wolves that occasionally grow in number before the local militia gets involved. Most remains of children that go missing are mysteriously never found causing occasional disagreements by local hunters. Were some believe it is indeed the mountains and some believe the wolves just eat the children whole.   Sages say that when clan FireBreaker was forced out of those mountains a curse befell them and now they behave the way they do.   Since most people consider the mountains cursed investigating the truth behind the oppressive feeling they cause is not promoted or invested in.

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