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The people of Portland, More accurately put the aristocrats have a term for those in the lower class called Saltless.   This term Saltless refers to people with no wealth, or merit the term also refers to outsiders   Example Usage "Your dockworkers are saltless they can't even tend warehouse properly" "Portland Nobel"   Example Usage "we shall not grace your establishment with our presence while'st you serve the Saltless" Portland nobal     History of the term is said to arise around the time of the Fall Clan FireBreaker more then 10 generations ago  when the dwarfs showed up on our doorstep asking for help. The nobility at that time turned the dwarfs disadvantage into their gain hiring them as miners and favoring their skills to work the salt mines. Thus the term was born.   Although the term was originally used in a derogatory way only to disenfranchise dwarfs of Portland it has since grown to encompass all outsiders and the poor and forgotten of society   Most common folk find it taboo to use such a term in the company of dwarfs for they understand the plight of those who work as they. Unsavory characters have been known to use the term to insult any who they feel beneath their own social status.     The nobility do understand the ramification of saying such words directly to the face of their employed or those who they deem Saltless and will mostly use such a term behind the back of such persons. However the more pompous of such nobility will freely use such a term understanding full well that those they deem Saltless have little power to contest such insult.   This in no faster way to get into a tavern brawl with a Dwarf who lives in Portland or has had ancestor who've live their then to call them a Saltless beardless Dwarf!

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