Mudewei Second Encounter with the Doctor
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Second Encounter with the Doctor

Life, Failure / Mishap


The Doctor found T'zim-Sha again when she responded to nine separate distress calls.

The Doctor and her three companions responded to nine distress calls originating on the planet of Ranskoor Av Kolos, finding a graveyard of ships, an amnesiac man, and his crewmates held hostage by none other than T'zim-Sha himself. While her companions were surprised that he had survived at all, the Doctor was shocked, confused, and even slightly guilt-ridden that he ended up there instead of Mudewei.   She learned that T'zim-Sha had spent the last few thousand years recovering from the damage of the DNA bombs, building a structure that would serve as both shrine and weapon, and perfecting the process that would steal planets from their place in the universe to shrink down and keep in stasis. He had positioned himself as the god of the two Ux, reality-bending creatures with their own religion, passed down orally, and had by this point come to believe the lie himself, at least from a practical standpoint.   While the Doctor worked to free the Ux and the shrunken planets before the universe ripped apart due to gravitational instability, her companions freed the people held in stasis. Graham, when confronted by T'zim-Sha, elected not to kill him as originally planned, shot him in the foot, and he and Ryan trapped T'zim-Sha in stasis.   He would later be freed by a tear in space time, responding to the prior gravitational instability, and deposited back in the year 2499.

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